Im… peach… ?

Topics regarding Mr. Donald J Trump do not age well. Why? The story, excitable reaction, and subsequent big event happen within a weeklong, or even daylong cycle. It’s become a viscous circle of events that’s as predictable as the sun rising, or the seasons changing.

This piece will take the bait, outline the events of the week, and postulate what it means for the future.

The Events

    Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, was convicted on eight of eighteen counts. According to a juror who describes herself as a Trump supporter, it would have been all eighteen had one juror been swayed. The case does not directly link our president with anything, however, it is a win for Mueller’s prosecuting team, and provides bad optics against Mr. Trump
    Our president’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen gave his commitment to flipping on his former client. Again, Trump is not specifically named, however, unlike the Manafort case, Trump will certainly be part of this proceeding. The crime will center around payments made as hush money regarding consensual, extramarital affairs our president had prior to initiating his campaign. The payments were likely directed by Mr. Trump, and carried out by Mr. Cohen during the campaign. The specifics of who instructed who, and the origination of the funds will be in focus. It appears possible that campaign finance law was broken. This is likely not enough to bring articles of impeachment, however, it moves that ball much further down the field.
    The Special Counsel scored another win when they convinced David Pecker to flip on Trump, as well. Mr. Pecker was a close confidant of our president, and runs the National Enquirer. It has been discussed for months that Pecker has withheld stories from the public that could prove damaging to Mr. Trump. It should be noted that Harvey Levin with TMZ has also been accused of this behavior. Pecker will now cooperate with Mueller’s prosecution team regarding the Michael Cohen case.
    Our president lashed out on Twitter at one of his favorite targets, Attorney General Jeff Sessions. This was one of his sternest dismissals of Sessions yet, but to the surprise of many, Mr. Sessions quickly issued a firm rebuke of Trump’s message. The eye opening line from his reply was that his Department of Justice would “not be improperly influenced by Trump.”
    Mr. Trump provided Fox News with an interview, and Rudy Giuliani offered his comments on the events of the week. Trump spoke out against people who flip for prosecutors within our justice system. He threatened the stock market will crash if he is impeached, and said Americans will become “very poor” as a result. Mr. Giuliani spoke to Americans staging a revolution in the event of an impeachment.

The Future

The rhetoric from the White House this week made a pivot. This week brought about messaging making light of the crimes, and blanketed threats regarding the outcome. This is significantly different from their continual denials. Wide-net threats regarding a possible impeachment are brand new to their lexicon.

The dominoes have begun to fall, and a case is beginning to be made. More people flipping on Trump leads to expedited prosecutions made by Mueller’s team, which likely expands the case, and worsens the optics. There is not enough to impeach at this moment, and Democratic leaders have made it clear that their intent is to not impeach if they win the House in the 2018 midterms. This statement can undoubtedly change with another domino.

Sidebar – Democrats will win the House in November

Trump appears to be on an island. Sessions is leaving him behind. Few Senators spoke in favor of our president regarding the events from this week. The events could begin to snowball. How Republicans react to further events will be important to watch.

  • Will they form a coalition to salvage the party, separating themselves from Trump
  • Will they band together against the Special Counsel, and unify under impeachment calls, protecting their president
  • What’s more important? The GOP or Donald Trump

This piece likely will not age well, but in the small chance it does:

These events…

This week…

This summation…

The beginning of the end

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