About Me: Part 4, Libertarian

It’s 2018. Of course, I have to pledge allegiance to a respective ‘party,’ to make some people happy, and allow the rest to say, ‘I told you so.’ I am a libertarian. I love (for the most part) what the party stands for. I will admit, some of the ideas are fantasies in the era of large government, and technological advances, but the core principles of Libertarianism is fundamentally rooted in my beliefs. If you have a problem, figure out a way to fix it, and don’t expect the government to help. Let me repeat, if you have a problem – you need to improve your situation – and do not hope government or anyone else for that matter will help solve it. If you get help from someone, or an entity, such as the government, then congratulations. Don’t rely on others to fix what is wrong in your life. Don’t complain and not act. Don’t waste mental energy, and not put physical energy forward. Fix what is wrong in your life. We live in the golden age of technological evolutions, so it has never been easier to find out what you need to do to fix your problem.


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