What Just Happened?

Moral hazard can exist when a party can take risks without having to suffer consequences. In 2008, the world, due to the financial sector, fell prey to moral hazard. A global industry was bailed out at the expense of consumers, homeowners, and taxpayers. In 2020, the world watched with fear as an unknown virus swept … Continue reading What Just Happened?


The Worst Congress Ever

There's no way America will resolve her inflation crisis any time soon because of this Congress. We shot ourselves in the foot by locking down and turning off the economy. We had a chance to lessen the economic repercussions by electing leaders who carried out the will of the people. Instead, our elected officials betrayed us. The reckless spending this Congress carried out will inhibit growth and fuel inflation for the rest of this decade.

Student Loans

It’s hard to find a way that would have been worse to go about doing what the administration sought out to do. It seems that everything they have tried to 'fix' has been done in quite possibly the worse method possible.

Economic Myths

Government needs to stop trying to fix problems that they have already created. Step aside and let the economy fix itself. It will rise again as the economy comes back online. The only thing in its way are the D.C. bureaucrats.


It’s roughly 9:00 am on Tuesday, the second day of August, in Taipei right now. Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, will be landing in Taiwan via a US military aircraft within twelve hours. The Chinese government have warned that they see this move as an invasion, and therefore, could ultimately shoot down the aircraft. It feels quite possible that the world will change for the worse within the next twenty-four hours.