Dems Are Funny

Why are we having elections anymore? 2020 was one thing. But, here we are two years later, and it’s happening again. A wise woman once said, coincidences do not exist. How can one believe their lying eyes? It’s all good. Democrats, you win. You capitalized on Covid in ways that made the corruption you failed to prosecute after the Financial Crisis seem petty.

My entire life, you’ve shown your true colors. You’re the biggest hypocrites I’ve ever witnessed. You tell me your a righteous group of rights protecting individuals, yet, you could give a damn when it pertains to actual corruption. You literally told an entire group of debtors that their loans would be forgiven, and no more than forty-eight hours after the election, you allowed your sham of an Executive Order to be overturn. Your lies have lies. It’s amazing that half the country (allegedly) believes that when they vote for you, they vote for a group protecting rights the big bad Republicans are going to take away.

But, that’s where the media comes in. After all, the R’s are responsible for the guns that got in the hands of the mentally deranged wacko in Uvalde. The R’s are responsible for the leftist who attacked Paul Pelosi. The R’s are responsible for the crime taking place daily in NYC, LA, and Chicago. Then, when every single metric imaginable tells us that Dems will lose, they magically win. And, how? They win the same way they won in 2020. With the drip, drip, drab of ballots that come in literally in the middle of the night. Lights magically go off in Washoe County, Nevada, and Cortez-Masto suddenly takes the lead. It’s amazing how all of this happens.

But, God forbid one even dares to question what their eyes see. If they even think of doing such a horrendous thing, they’re clearly part of the insurrectionists. You know, the same people on January 6th that were let into the Capitol to end Democracy.

But, at this point, it’s simply comical. It’s comical you think we are this stupid. It’s comical you’re this concerned with giving up control. It’s comical you’re this hellbent on maintaining the power. It’s comical that you’re this maniacal. You know what? If you want it this bad, go for it. Take it. I give up as a Republican voter. You love what you just heard, don’t you? You officially broke me. What is the point? Why show up for this contest when the game has been rigged? What does it matter? I am simply over it. I can lay my head down on my pillow and feel good about the decisions I make. I can sleep easy. And, if you can, all the power to you.


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