Decision Making

Decision Making. Often times we make choices based on easy to quantify values, such as, time, money, and weather. We should make make choices based on our emotional investment. How do we quantify it? How do we know?


What does Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Tiger Woods, and Michael Jordan all have in common with you? You all have zero idea when your time will run out. You all are in a race against the clock that will eventually stop, and you could experience that moment at any time.

White Guilt

The New York Times recently had two editors respond to a college aged white woman's request to help her address her uneasy feeling of guilt about her white privilege. What does her fear, and their responses tell us about this sensitive topic? How else can we look at this?

Positive Thoughts & Activity

You can make positivity a part of your life. Flush your cynicism away. What value does it offer you? Imagine looking at every situation with an optimistic result as opposed to a cynical ending. Imagine how much better off you could be with that way of thinking.