It’s Hard To Keep Up

Here are the things that have been happening in recent weeks courtesy of the Biden administration. The blowhards on the left will simply shrug. Don’t forget these are the same people who called he who shall not be named the fascist dictator infringing on our rights. But, I digress.

The Department of Justice has decided to take their talents to fighting parents who become unruly at school board meetings. Essentially, any parent who acts out at a meeting protesting CRT being indoctrinated upon their child, mask usage forced upon their kid, or vaccine mandates, now has the distinguished opportunity of being labeled a domestic terrorist. There is no room for dissent.

Speaking of CRT and the DOJ, it’s important to highlight that AG Garland’s daughter and son/in-law run an organization based on the teachings of CRT. I’m sure he isn’t biased.

Let’s keep it in the family and mention the President’s drug addicted son selling access to him and his dad for the umpteenth time. Oh wait, it’s not access. It’s only his art. The Biden’s are really good at setting up facades.

Joe Biden likely owes $500k in back taxes from using phony workaround tricks regarding his public speaking fees and an S-Corp. It is amazing that the same leader wanting to weaponize the IRS to find leakages in our economy to fund his agenda, actually owes $500k himself due to a leakage.

Janet Yellen has been consistently defending the IRS being granted access to the total inflow and outflow of your bank account year after year in the hope of stopping tax evasion. Essentially, any transaction totaling $600 or more will be shipped off to the Feds so they can get a better grip as to who they need to audit. You know what they say, freedom isn’t free? The best part about all of this is we’re to trust the same guy who was VP in an administration that targeted Republicans with the IRS.

Moving onto the vaccine, the government has released the questions one needs to answer if you are trying to claim the religious exemption. It’s practically an essay one needs to write for their boss (the government) documenting their entire life’s history with regard to religion.

Senator Feinstein announced a bill to prevent anyone who’s not vaccinated to travel on an airplane. Yes, we’re going that far now.

Merck came out with an amazing drug that can treat Covid. The catch? They’re selling it at 40 times the cost to make it. And, Fauci threw cold water on it. He remains hellbent on the need for everyone to vaccinate. Follow the money.

The most ironic part about their drug is the similarity it has to Ivermectin. You know, the drug that legitimately stopped Covid in its tracks in India that Americans aren’t allowed to ask about. Again, follow the money.

Since no one seems to care anymore about the fact that China waged war on the world with a biochemical weapon, it’s intriguing to note a study that came out showing an alarming uptick in the purchase of PCR test kits by the communistic nation prior to Covid being “accidentally transmitted via a bat at a wet market.” If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.

Biden spoke at an Illinois facility and made two huge errors. First, he again told everyone Fox News mandates vaccines on their employees, yet this isn’t true. Second, he told them that getting the vaccine prevents them from spreading it and from getting sick. This is not true. It’s amazing when the man in charge of pushing the vaccines doesn’t know how it actually works.

Not only did America wildly piss off the French when we opted to swipe their nuclear submarine deal with the Aussies right out from under them, but now one of the highest ranking members in the administration has stated Biden literally didn’t know about this decision. Yes, you read that right. And, that’s a quote from John Kerry telling the French media what went down.

An insanely bad energy crisis is ravaging the world right now. It’s especially tough in pockets of Europe and China. Energy independence is the key to success. America is one of the few nations on earth who by simply tapping into her natural resources would be energy independent. Yet, the left doesn’t want that. At least, not yet. They want it all with clean energy. But, here’s the thing. That takes time, and costs money. Why is it so difficult to make a compromise here? We move full speed ahead into renewables and clean energy, while maintaining our foot on the gas to capitalize on the energy we can instantly harvest today.

We have Congress actively seeking to spend trillions of dollars for a a phony ‘social’ infrastructure bill, yet we have 11 million unfilled jobs (an all time high), and only 8 million unemployed. I guess Biden can’t do that math. I’m sure throwing money at people is the solution to solving this problem.

Senator Sinema was barraged over the weekend in her home state. It was so egregious that protesters actively followed her and recorded her in a bathroom. The more telling part is the reaction. Sanders, and other ranking Democrats opted out of condemning the act. #MeToo only applies to those who align with you politically. Then, Biden literally said ‘it comes with the territory of being a public figure.’ I guess Biden was alluding to the times he harassed his staffer on Capitol Hill in the 90s. It’s amazing how Democrats are trying to negotiate a bill that merely all fifty in the Senate can pass to change the country, and her own party doesn’t even come to her rescue when she’s targeted. Somehow, this is the way they think they should negotiate. She says her idol is McCain, and less we forget when McCain sank Trump’s ship in the Senate to repeal/replace Obamacare. Everyone focuses on Manchin, but it seems Sinema is going to be the real roadblock

We’ve been guessing for months who is really in charge at the Biden administration. The same group who is staging their pressers to look like Joe is actually in the White House when he is not. Well, Politico came out a few months back and said Biden’s Chief of Staff is calling shots. The New York Times recently echoed the sentiment proving it is Klain who is actively pressing Progressives to stand firm on the ‘human’ infrastructure garbage. He is actually coaching them on how they can get Sinema and Manchin to budge. Remember when Biden campaigned on being the Moderate. He must’ve forgotten.

There is no such thing as a temporary government program. So, here’s how DC is rebranding the ‘Build Back Better’ crap. Now, it’s costing less because the bills sunset in less time. Five years instead of ten. It’s amazing how no one is asking, but why don’t they legislate this so it can remain permanent? Well, this is the best political tactic the Democrats could ever use. Here’s how it works. You shovel trillions of dollars into the economy via fancy slogans for short term plans intended as long term entitlements sold to the public as a one time fixed cost. This is all a lie, but no one will call them on it. Then, each election, you force the evil Republicans to either vote for or against continuing putting money into the pockets of hundreds of millions of Americans. There is literally no better political move other than allowing two hundred thousand illegals to willfully cross into America each month.

All in all, it seems as if no one cares. Here’s a tidbit proving it. 80% of Democrats still approve of Biden. Those same Democrats do not give him a passing grade on a single issue though. Less than 50% approve of his progress on any topic asked. So, 4 in 5 Democrats stand by their guy, while only 2 of the same 5 agree with what he’s actually doing. How in the hell does that make any sense? “I hate my sports team, but I still root for them.” Yep, politics is 99% emotional, and 1% rational.


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