It’s Over

C.S. Lewis penned one of the best modern day depictions of Christianity in Mere Christianity. In it, he goes over the seven deadly sins. He concludes the seven chapters with what he details as pride, the gravest of them all. Why is that? Pride distorts one’s views providing a false sense of courage. This leads to reckless decision making. And, when unchecked, pride only exacerbates the situation. The sense of pride resulted in the initial action. But, pride is the most difficult to part with. Therefore, the prideful individual will feel trapped, continuing to double down on a flawed decision until he’s alone on an island due to his poor, unchecked choices. The final stage of a prideful journey leaves the individual refusing to back down, hell bent on the false premise that his ideas, beliefs, and resulting actions were and remain correct. Now, pause a moment. Imagine pride overtaking a policy-making official. Even worse, imagine pride embodying a policy-making official regarding Covid. You see, their pride took us on a nearly two-year journey through hell. And, it’s their pride that refuses to die, ensuring you get to keep driving on the Covid freeway searching for the off ramp.

Omicron killed Covid. It is over in the sense that we, by all accounts, have exited the illustrious pandemic. Words matter, and the public’s first reaction to the words variant and mutation have negative connotations. Yes, the delta variant warranted a negative reaction, but omicron could not be more polar opposite. The data proves this. Cases skyrocketed to the highest number ever recorded. And, this happened albeit when testing became the sparsest since the first days of the pandemic. Deaths, however, barely inched higher when proportionally compared with prior waves. Now, it’s crucial to understand why. The answer is not because of the vaccine. Studies are proving omicron handily breaks through the vaccine and therefore offers minimal, if any, protection. So, what does this mean? It means the mutations that resulted in the omicron variant ended the pandemic. Nature ran its course and the human immune system did what it does best. It evolved and fought back. Science wins.

It’s also important to examine all the other events that occurred regarding the China Virus in the last thirty days. First, cloth masks don’t work. Shocker, right? For anyone who’s read a single article outside of the lazy bellwether media companies, you were aware of this fact since mid-2020. The science has always proved this. But, the fancy trust the science campaigns only applied when pride entered the equation. You see, pride prevents policy makers from an about-face pivot. So, we were, and in some case, still are, forced to engage in this political theater until the last prideful buffoon decides to swallow his pride and admit he was never right on the issue.

We’ve also learned more as of late about the origins of the China Virus. We’ve now unearthed emails from top ranking health officials in the US who admit via email the virus was more than likely leaked from a lab. They explained it was nearly impossible to believe the bat story. But, what did these prideful individuals do? They literally said that the American public shouldn’t know about that because if they do it could be bad for science. And, in turn, the trust the science propaganda was born. It’s all but certain now that the best case scenario is an innocent lab leak. But, it’s also highly possible funding from America and a poor attempt at a coverup from China brought about what we’ve been living through for nearly two years.

Did you happen to notice that the word quarantine disappeared as of late? It’s been changed to isolation. Also, one is to isolate for a mere five days after the first symptoms occur now. It’s amazing how only twenty or so months ago some folks were being forced to quarantine for up to twenty-one days. What happened here? Businesses need to function, and when too many employees are out sick, they simply cannot operate. That was the reason the timeframe was dropped. How do we know this? The pivot was first made for healthcare officials, but no one else. Because, healthcare officials must have superior immune systems and can fight back the virus faster than others? Not at all. It was entirely driven by economics. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I never recall reading that chapter in my science textbooks. Must’ve been a separate course.

Let’s take a look at another example. The United Kingdom essentially removed all of their China Virus restrictions with the swipe of a pen, and a speech on the floor of Parliament. Amazing how just like that, the trust the science narrative evaporated. Yes, this is something to be celebrated, but it’s also something that requires observation. And, yet again, pride got in the way. Here at least, one leader of the UK named Boris Johnson swallowed his pride. Why did he do so? He was in danger of losing his power politically, so he used the last card in his hand. Pull the rug out and turn the page. For those who may not know, Prime Minister BoJo was caught partying maskless at a large celebration. This, while the commoners of the UK are dealing with government rules crippling their lives. The backlash was swift and strong. His party was sputtering, and he was facing a vote of no confidence. So, BoJo followed the science and the virus magically disappeared. Of course the policy making was never about politics and always followed the science. As if.

Another example of science fictitiously dictating policy-making was the attempted vaccine mandate in America, and subsequent rejection by the high court. The court told the administration that if they wanted to force vaccines into the arms of Americans, they either had to create a law through Congress, or own the decision themselves instead of trying to sneak it through via OSHA. Amazing when you think about it. If the science was so convincing, why not make it a law? If the threat was so dire, why not own the choice? But instead, they opted to use a Trojan Horse to push it through and the court saw right through the illegality. Most major companies are now backing down from their efforts to mass vaccinate their workforce. For instance, General Electric and Starbucks have abandoned their causes. Yet, not all companies got the memo. Nike, who makes more money overseas anyway, and relies on their China sweatshops to keep their margins low, still wants all their employees vaccinated against the China Virus. This despite everything we’ve learned over the last two years.

What’s the danger in all of this? Well, the immediate danger is the mental distortions it’s caused in what was once a normal American citizen. Take for instance a recent poll. The results are stunning. It shows a large batch of folks from a particular party in America view the unvaccinated in ways that should frighten anyone with a brain and a concept of world history. For example, over half of one of America’s major political parties believes the non-vaccinated should be fined. They also believe the non-vaccinated should be forced to remain in their homes. Almost half believed the government should be able to imprison the non-vaccinated. The same number believes non vaccinated individuals should be taken away and forced to live in camps. Over two thirds of this group believe the non-vaccinated should be tracked and monitored. Finally, one third of this group believe children should be taken away from parents who are non-vaccinated. This fear mongering and propaganda campaign carried out by the US Government and funneled through the major media airwaves is jaw dropping. The irony is how the science proves a vaccinated person can get the virus the same way a non-vaccinated person can. And, one can transmit the virus the same way the other can. So, sorry to all the bloviating clowns in the media, but a non-vaccinated person is in fact not some ignorant buffoon walking around trying to kill grandma.

We’ll have years, and decades to watch the other sides of the unfortunate fallout because of the pride from a select few decision makers. We’ll watch what happens to kids who will grow up having missed at least a year of school due to at-home learning to protect a prideful teacher from a virus that kids barely got. We’ll see how their education, mental health, and, most importantly, their physical health will be after governments prevented them from socializing for a year with others. We’ll see how adults fare after being locked down and alone. The trauma and PTSD from the fear governments and media inflicted upon them. We’ll see how our society does health wise considering we’ve dealt with a virus that almost 100% only impacts those with co-morbidities, yet our lovely propaganda machine in DC never once trusted the science and attempted to tell Americans to eat healthier and exercise. And, we’re currently seeing what happens when you shut down the global economy. Pride is the devil. And, it got a grip on the right people at the right time to make sure the entire world got the chance to live in the Hotel California. You can check out, but you can never leave.


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