Does anyone know what they’re doing? Let’s rephrase this for further specificity. Does anyone in the upper ranks of government know what they’re doing? This will be a piece where someone complains from the peanut gallery. But, it’s America, and hopefully that right still exists. Before diving in, let’s make an important point. Clear your mind of the binary way of thought. No one’s and zero’s here. No Republican or Democratic. No Trump or Biden. Expand your horizon, and widen your ideas. This article intends to be an equal opportunity hit piece. And, public enemy number one is anyone and everyone in charge of things inside the government.

How can so much failure take place in such a short time? It’s stunning when you really think about it. And, let’s not waste time with justifying it by saying something like well, the Internet speeds up information, so we’re constantly hearing about new problems. No way America survived this long with this much success by screwing up as much as she has in the past couple of years. We’re truly living in a remarkable period of corruption, ineptitude, and overall atrocious leadership. If we are so lucky to look back on this period at a later date, we will be amazed at the sheer magnitude of incompetence. Finally, for those who aren’t keeping score, let’s review all the areas government is failing its people.

Inflation is out of control. Elected officials refused to let losers lose in past economic downturns dating back to the 2008 Financial Crisis. This never reset the playing field. Combine that with historically low interest rates for a decade an a half. Lastly, add trillions of dollars of stimulus into the monetary system, and the chickens finally came home to roost. Do not let anyone try to sell you on other reasons why inflation is where it is today. They’re lying to score political points. Now, inflation prices the lowest earning Americans out of anything and everything first. Once they’re priced out, inflation comes from what’s left of the middle class. And, here’s the scariest thing about inflation. Inflation is only staved off by a recession. End of story. But, unlike past economic downturns where fat cats got bailed out, the only folks who will need a bailout from this downturn will be the lower and middle class. They’ll receive no bailout. They’ll simply be priced out of the market, and then driven into destitution by a recession. The irony is amazing. The wealthy benefited mightily by the past two downturns, and caused the first, yet here we are today on the verge of economic collapse and the only issue plaguing the wealthy are higher dues at their country clubs.

Immigration is a mess. Bush tried to solve the problem, but couldn’t pass the legislation. Obama bandaged a portion of it with his Executive Order on DACA. Trump focused successfully on the border, but failed to pass legislation over his shit hole countries gaffe. Biden doesn’t even seem to be trying. It was estimated that we had about 15.5 million illegals living in America at the end of 2020. Now, add 1 million more within a 365-day period. That’s a 6.5% increase. Border apprehensions are back to multi-decade highs. We have an administration literally suing to remove the Remain In Mexico policy which alleviates stress on our immigration courts. And, they’ve signaled they’re removing Title 42 subsequently allowing migrants to cross over with no red tape holding them back. It’s astounding that not only the administration refuses to solve it, but they’re finding ways to exacerbate the issue itself.

Geopolitics is a mess. We’re currently engaged in a proxy war with Russia, and through an elaborate propaganda campaign, it’s pro-Putin and anti-American to call out the obvious here. Why are we involved? Just because it’s a humanitarian crisis? Well, there’s humanitarian crises popping up all over the world all of the time. It’s not the duty of America to save the world from disasters. We can’t even tend to our own people here. For instance, the homelessness, mental health problems, and drug issues with fentanyl. But, I digress. China is going to eventually engage with Taiwan. Are we really going to fight two proxy wars at once? One against Russia, and the other against China? Also, let’s not forget about the entirely disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. We exit one war, simply to fight a new one a few months later. We’re sending billions in ambiguous aid to Ukraine, yet we can’t even agree on a way to alleviate the debt burdens on student loans here in America. How backwards can we be? Why is it that it seems as if American legislatures care more about the plights of illegals crossing our southern border, and the perils of Ukrainians defending their homeland rather than caring for their own constituents they allegedly represent?

The fallout from Covid is just beginning. We’ll talk about this for a generation as it will only worsen from here. This will be hands down the biggest failure of government in decades. The fact that this came from a Chinese lab that may have been funded by our taxpayer dollars is stunning. There’s blind faith and trust on vaccines that simply offer no more than a short-term burst of preventable treatment. There was a reliance on masks that we understand now offers us no protection. But, these two issues that we’ve debated (when Twitter allowed us to do so) for two-plus years are minuscule compared to the real issue. The real issue is the fallout from the lockdowns. The lockdowns that did nothing but worsen our lives top to bottom. They didn’t help with the slowing down of infection. They only ruined our economy by destroying our supply chains, and ruined our citizens by destroying their mental and physical health. We are seeing data point after data point supporting both fronts. Economically, practically every issue we have today can be somewhat traced to the fallout from lockdowns.

We live in a representative democracy of which we elect individuals to carry out the will of the constituents they represent. We entrust them with leadership and responsibly. We have faith in their abilities. Yet, this has been entirely contrary to what we’ve seen.


One thought on “Incompetence

  1. Right on point Phillip!! It seems like we are entering the End Times the Bible speaks of. So it’s inevitable that things will get worse one day. Praise the Lord that He will be coming back to get us out of here one day I think sooner then later.


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