The Worst Congress Ever

There's no way America will resolve her inflation crisis any time soon because of this Congress. We shot ourselves in the foot by locking down and turning off the economy. We had a chance to lessen the economic repercussions by electing leaders who carried out the will of the people. Instead, our elected officials betrayed us. The reckless spending this Congress carried out will inhibit growth and fuel inflation for the rest of this decade.


Student Loans

It’s hard to find a way that would have been worse to go about doing what the administration sought out to do. It seems that everything they have tried to 'fix' has been done in quite possibly the worse method possible.

Economic Myths

Government needs to stop trying to fix problems that they have already created. Step aside and let the economy fix itself. It will rise again as the economy comes back online. The only thing in its way are the D.C. bureaucrats.

The Transition Begins

Biden's pick for Treasury Secretary is huge. First, it shows Biden isn't pandering to the far left progressives. Second, it shows Biden is extending an olive branch to the conservatives. This may forecast the Biden presidency and possible signs of bipartisanship.

NYC Failed

It's time to call a spade a spade. New York City failed. In particular, the incredible lack of leadership from Mayor DiBlasio, combined with a visible feud between him and Governor Cuomo, resulted in one of the biggest disasters in the storied history of America's most important city. First, why did a city as densely … Continue reading NYC Failed

Evolve or Die

Anyone who thinks they can conduct business in the same capacity they did a few months ago will be in for a rude awakening. Habits have been developed, and it is paramount that businesses cater to the new normal.