Person Of The Year

Let’s keep this short and get straight to the point. Awards like this are irrelevant, but it’s worth wasting a little energy on it to call out how much of a joke they are. Time knocked it out of the park with this laughable declaration. First off, as of right now, the Biden/Harris ticket technically isn’t even the President/VP elect. So, essentially they’re nominating two people who are presumed to be sworn in after a few more weeks. But, there are still pending cases alleging fraud, so Time, a media outlet, decided to ignore all the sworn testimony, statistical anomalies, and video evidence. But, let’s move beyond politics and dissect how utterly ridiculous it is to anoint these two “Person of the Year” over nearly anyone else.

How about the healthcare professionals? You know, the doctors and nurses who have been working around the clock, in harms way, while trying to save lives of Covid patients. Also, not to mention, still tend to other Americans who are sick in ways beyond Covid. Yes, people still get cancer, need surgery, and require medical treatment in 2020 for things other than Covid.

How about the delivery drivers? You know, the people who have worked around the clock transporting all of the packages to our homes day in and day out since the world was put on pause. Not to mention, what about all the delivery drivers who transport freight to grocery stores, warehouses, and small businesses. They’ve literally kept the economy running even when our elected officials tried to stop it.

How about the front line employees? You know, the minimum wage, often minority workers, who have showed up to work day in and day out through the pandemic to keep stores clean, bag our items, and ensure the shelves remained stocked. The employees didn’t get the chance to work from home. No, they had to walk into work every day when everyone else got to stay safe. They had to subject themselves to the risk of getting sick each time they showed up for work.

How about the laborers? You know, the workers who had to assemble all of the things we’ve been reliant on through 2020. The folks who kept the lights on, ensured construction continued, made the furniture you ordered, put together your Peloton, made your masks, etc. There are so many workers that helped with so much this year to ensure white collar workers can sit in their pajamas with their warm coffee and bitch about another Zoom meeting.

How about the families? You know the moms and dads who had to keep their households afloat in 2020. The families that had to maintain a living while also making sure their kids were well tended to since it was deemed unsafe for their kids to go into school. Let’s give a special shout-out to the single parent households. Imagine the stress and difficulty the pandemic has created for them.

How about the educators? You know the teachers who have spent their career working hands on with their students to help mold their brains, who now had to suddenly teach digitally. These teachers who are now forced to sit behind their screen and try to teach groups of children all at once through a medium entirely new and different from what they’ve always taken for granted.

How about the small business owners? You know the entrepreneurs who opened up gyms, coffee shops, restaurants, and bars in our communities. The same people who devoted their lives and livelihoods to their dreams of ownership that helped create wonderful opportunities for us consumers to enjoy. These poor people have been dealing with a relentless amount of uncertainty. Not to mention the ridiculous amount of change and rules they’ve had to deal with day in and day out via governors who have acted as despots in 2020.

What about the science professionals? You know, the heroes who have devoted endless hours to discovering vaccines for us to use across the world. The experts who have given everything in record speed to assure America and the rest of the world can get back to normal. The unsung heroes.

What about the unemployed? The downtrodden folks who got bushwhacked overnight. The people who never thought in their worst nightmares their lives would be upended and destroyed overnight. The folks in hospitality, tourism, and entertainment. The folks in other roles that have now seen their careers replaced by a computer, or a mega corporation like Amazon. What about them?

What about the elderly? The people who built this nation through decades of work and tireless effort who were trying to enjoy the fruits of their labors in retirement only to be shut out from society and shunned. They’re told they can’t go outside and see their loved ones. They’re told they can’t be part of society anymore. And, these are the ones who at least don’t have the misfortune of living in a nursing home. How about them? The true people who have been left behind. And, what about the ones who lived in nursing homes in states like New York where investigative journalism turns an eye to the thousands we lost because of misguided policies just because they’re infatuated with the Emmy-nominated Governor.

What about the kids? The innocent youth who have had to deal with what will obviously cause a form of emotional turmoil when we look back and evaluate the stress their young, confused and impressionable minds endured. The kids who were told they can’t go see friends at school, play sports, go see their elderly family, and wear a mask over their face if they step outside. What about them?

What about literally anyone else other than who Time selected? The media shouldn’t be called a joke, because that’s an insult to comedy. The media does nothing but shout to the masses with their unbelievable hypocrisy. The level of degree they are out of touch with society in general is stunning. The way they use their platforms to divide and worsen the situation around us while profiting from their callous efforts is disgusting. There’s truly a special place in hell for these people.

I just hope that the American people can realize we are the Persons of the Year. We are America, and we are the people who keep this country going. We kept it afloat in 2020 even when everyone tried to sink us. We will keep it going in 2021, and we’ll never be put down. We are more important than the politicians who act as if we can’t move forward without their rules. We are more important than those in the media who scare us into believing we can’t live without the shit they tell us is news. We are what matters. We are the economy. We are the essential workers. We will never be put down.


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