The Election

Soon after Trump was inaugurated in 2017, the head of Vox, Ezra Klein, penned a highly controversial piece for the world of journalism. He opined major media should be selective in their covering of Trump. His rationale was Trump speaks in highly bombastic rhetoric that often borders on misconstrued sound bytes. These clips can easily be misinterpreted, therefore, Ezra felt it was the duty of journalists to correct the record for the American public. Well, this was sharply criticized, even by many on the left. The suggestion that a journalist reporting the news should mince the words of the American President and select what to cover, is simply put, not journalism. A true journalist reports the news, regardless of the content.

Let’s take another trip down memory lane. Immediately following the concession of Hillary Clinton, legal scholars opined how Trump could face challenges via the Electoral College, and subsequently never be sworn in. Once the results were certified, Russia took center stage. By the time Mueller revealed his report and testified on Capitol Hill, it was over two and a half years. This includes the looming threat that Trump could and would be impeached due to his alleged Russia ties heading into the 2018 Midterms. Trump supporters sat back claiming there was no evidence of collusion, and only until the self-proclaimed paper of record (New York Times) posted it on their top page, liberal journalists ran rampant with the lies.

Let’s move into something more recent. A few days back Project Veritas released undercover recordings of CNN staff meetings at the highest level. These included the voice of CNN President Jeff Zucker. Jeff is heard multiple times discussing the current legal challenges Trump has brought up on the legitimacy of some results in certain counties of the election. He goes on to say he didn’t want to give the story legs. He instructed his top brass to muffle their voices and simply not cover the story. Sounds like Zucker decided to take up Ezra’s suggestion from years ago.

Three stories. How do they connect? Mollie Hemingway ties it together with two pieces. In fact, it’s her only two pieces since the election. Why is Mollie important? She is the true voice of reason when it comes to conservative investigative journalists. The woman clearly writes for a conservative audience, but even the most staunch liberal journalist couldn’t deny the fact that Mollie is as objective as they come. She first asked the question, can you blame Trump voters for questioning the legitimacy of the results? Now, it’s important to note this came out early in the evidence discovery process. But, the premise of her piece is to remind readers of the brutal 2.5 years the country had to endure simply to find out there was no evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia. Bombshell after bombshell from mostly left leaning editorials was subsequently proven incorrect.

Now, Mollie’s second piece was recently penned and discussed the fourteen hours of video evidence the Trump campaign released a few days back. Multiple left-leaning editorials fact checked the videos and immediately discredited their validity. Well, Mollie went through all of their claims and astutely discredited them. Except she did it with hard evidence. How? There is video. Fourteen hours of it in fact. The proof is out there, available for anyone to see. You don’t need CNN, Mueller, or Adam Schiff to tell you what it is. You can watch it. She did. She makes it crystal clear. Georgia, in the capacity of these video recordings, clearly dealt with fraud. Ballots appeared from suitcases hidden under tables when monitors were not present. Water main leaks were made up. Counting was stopped under the pretense of lies. The math suggests tens of thousands of votes were likely counted in this process. Trump lost Georgia by 11,000 votes. The state must investigate this further as it is incredibly likely Trump won it.

Now, last night we currently have eighteen states Attorneys Generals signed on to the lawsuit Texas brought to the Supreme Court disputing the election results in four states. However, go and do a quick check around the major media outlets. Crickets. It seems everyone has taken a page out of Ezra’s book. Why does this matter? Our media is not here to change the news. Our media is not here to avoid covering the news. Our media is a free press that has a duty to report the news to the American people in the way they (the media) have discovered the facts through their investigating. This is journalism. This is often referred to as journalistic integrity. But, today it seems that this is lost in translation. Biden is the declared president. Albeit by the media. Trump is the poor loser who cried wolf. Albeit by the media. It makes you wonder. Why won’t our media cover this? We have evidence. We have sworn testimony. We have statistical anomalies. We have more proof of fraud in this election in merely four weeks than we ever had at this time four years ago with the Faux Russia Collusion story. But, notice the disparity in coverage.

Let’s remind everyone of a few things. CBS declared Gore the winner of Florida, and Gore was declared President. Bush was asked to concede.

Let’s remind everyone of a few civic matters. The media doesn’t declare the president. The media reports the results of an election. The media doesn’t certify the results. The media doesn’t decide the results. But, today it seems as if the media feels they do all of the above. Biden is not the president-elect. In fact, he isn’t until the Electoral College votes on the matter on December 14th. Then, he becomes the president-elect. Trump is not the loser until January 5. This is when roll call is taken and Congress announces the new president.

It’s time for patience. It’s time for Americans to get answers. This supersedes Trump and Biden. This is all about our democracy which is meant to be a Republic, and not a Banana Republic.


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