Long Recap

Shinzo Abe was assassinated. And, the media did a classic job of showing their incompetence. You had the Today Show display flags of South Korea. NPR, the AP, and ABC immediately described the leader with Nazi euphemisms. It’s a shame when someone from the right succumbs to a tragedy that media outlets dance on the … Continue reading Long Recap

It’s Hard To Keep Up

The wheels are off. Moms are domestic terrorists. Biden doesn't know how the vaccine works. We have 11 million unfilled jobs, with 8 million unemployed, and the fix is to spend trillions of dollars. Does anything make sense anymore? But, at least we are protected from mean tweets!


Ten days into the new year, and what a start. Geopolitical conflict, drama in the Royal Family, incriminating emails released from Boeing, additional fallout from the Epstein scandal, a deeply troubling plane crash that should have been avoided, and calamity over fires in Australia.