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  • It’s Mueller Time

Ding dong, the witch hunt is dead. Americans will soon find out the findings from the Special Counsel, and Robert Mueller. Was there Russia Collusion?

  • Twitter

In this week’s ‘You Can’t Make This Sh*t Up” segment, Republican Congressman Devin Nunes sued Twitter for $250 million. Find out why if you care.

  • Trump’s Tweets

Is Trump bored? Judging by his tweets this week it seems as if he is. He started off the week questioning the Judge Jeannine suspension on Fox News, called out three Fox News anchors for not being conservative enough, and then decided to throw out the tweet seen below about the husband of his senior advisor, Kellyanne Conway.

  • Abolish the Electoral College

Elizabeth Warren made waves at her CNN Town Hall in Mississippi. She doubled down on a call for reparations, as well as an abolishment of the Electoral College. Warren is throwing every possible idea at the wall and seeing what sticks.

  • The Supreme Court

Our nation’s highest court ruled in favor of Trump for immigrant detainment.

  • CNN

They published an opinion piece highlighting ten things progressives should know about Trump voters. The piece offers incredible insight.

  • Washington state

Washington’s Senate passed a bill that requires Presidential candidates to make their tax returns public if they are to be featured on their state election ballots. A similar bill is awaiting approval in New Jersey.

  • John Hickenlooper

The Democratic Presidential candidate, and former Colorado Governor, found himself in twitter mob jail after a response during his televised Town Hall Wednesday night.

Why? He was posed the question, “will you commit to choosing a woman VP if you receive the nod?” He responded he would make the commitment.

He then asked, “why does the media not pose the opposite question to the female candidates?

Well, God forbid a man suggest women be held to an equal standard. Twitter was less than impressed. Look for articles that say Hickenlooper ‘outraged many’ but realize that he frustrated ten people in their basements on Twitter.

  • Joe Biden

He has reportedly been flirting with failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams. The likely presidential hopeful is reportedly planning to add Abrams to his ticket at the launch of his campaign.

  • GOP

The GOP began the week by trolling Robert Francis O’Rourke on St Patrick’s Day. You probably know him as Beto. Here’s his mugshot from the infamous DUI. You know, the DUI where he fled the scene. $


  • Fox News

Donna Brazile joined Fox. Remember her? She was the Clinton confidant who helped sneak debate questions via CNN ahead of her debate with Bernie. She has since atoned for sins, distanced herself from Hillary, and is a nice, moderate liberal addition for Fox.

Judge Jeannine was unexpectedly absent on Saturday night. It was due to the fallout from her anti-Muslim comments directed at Congresswoman Omar.

  • Woodstock

The historical festival turned fifty, and of course someone had to make money from it! A pretty impressive lineup was compiled to celebrate it. A few people voiced their displeasure since many bands like The Who and Jefferson Airplane are still around, yet aren’t performing despite being at the original event.

  • Ariana Grande

Her tour began this week and she has included a way to register fans to vote when they arrive. Will she sing them to the polls in November of 2020?

Apple is expected to announce a TV service next week, and Netflix has decided to opt out of joining the platform. Their CEO stated he intends to keep their content exclusive. Let the war begin.

  • Disney & Fox

Walt Disney now owns Family Guy and The Simpsons. Let that sink in. Disney and Fox closed their deal this week as media consolidation continued. It is important to note that Fox News and Fox Sports have not joined in with Disney, who already owns ABC and ESPN.

Disney canned Fox 2000, which is responsible for films like, The Fault Of Our Stars, Life Of Pi, Hidden Figures, The Devil Wears Prada, and Love, Simon. 

  • Toy Story 4

One of the year’s most anticipated films released their first trailer. The film will be released on June 21, 2019. Grab the tissues.

  • Google & Video Games

Geek out and learn what Google did this week. They are going after gamers, and officially rolled out plans for their upcoming gaming platform, Stadia


  • Boeing fallout continues

1) The US launched an investigation into how and why the FAA approved the MAX Jet. Canada has joined in on a similar investigation.

2) A report analyzing the findings from the black box in both crashes showed striking similarities.

3) The day before the Indonesian plane fatally crashed in October, an off-duty pilot saved the very same plane from crashing.

4) This chilling transcript was released from the first crash. It seems that the plane was doomed because the pilots weren’t able to control the computer. img_9532

5) The national carrier of Indonesia said they have canceled their order of MAX Jets, but intend to still use Boeing planes.

6) Boeing’s stock fell 2.7% on the week.

  • Canned Tuna

A scandal came to its conclusion in the wild world of canned tuna! That’s right. StarKist finally settled their price-fixing, collusion scheme with grocers. Chicken of the Sea and Bumble Bee tuna settled their lawsuits last year.

  • Theranos

An HBO documentary, The Inventor, was released. Catch up on some of the highlights here. Forgot the story? Review this piece first.

  • IPOs

Levi’s went public this week, and Lyft is around the corner.

  • Elon Musk

Elon Musk and the SEC have continued their battle. The SEC urged a federal judge to hold Musk in contempt of court.

Why? He isn’t adhering to his plea deal. Musk is supposed to get his tweets reviewed prior to posting, and has not sent a single tweet for review since his agreement. His defiance is on another level.

  • The Fed

Chairman Powell left interest rates unchanged, signaled no hikes this year, and it seems they will raise rates only one time next year. This is quite the pivot, considering we were told to expect two or three hikes this year only a few months back.

Chairman Powell is in a precarious spot. He has Trump and the market not wanting hikes, but he also doesn’t want to be responsible for creating our next bubble, and subsequent recession.

  • Manhattan Real Estate

This chart shows the average length of time each property sat on the market. You have to go back seven years to see when properties lasted on the market this long. Bloomberg complied an exceptional piece about New York city’s falling home prices.

  • Peak Craziness.

A company announced they will pay you to invest in their new ETF

  • Google Fined

The company was fined $1.7 billion by the EU. Take a peak at their balance sheet. It looks like they’ll be fine. They have $110 billion in cash and short-term investments. So, it’s the equivalent of you getting a parking ticket. #TooBigToFail

  • Huawei

No European country is backing out of partnering with the Chinese telecom giant despite calls from the US to boycott the company.

They are offering residents universal basic income, because why not?

  • FedEx

The shipping giant sounded the alarm of weaker economic fundamentals and a slowdown in global trade by lowering their earning estimates this week. Is a global recession is upon us?

  • Biogen & Alzheimer’s

The US biotech company announced their experimental Alzheimer’s drug wasn’t working, and stopped trials for the drug. Wall Street had high hopes for the drug, as did families in need of a cure. The stock plunged, losing nearly a third of their value in one week. img_9566



  • $430 millionabundance bank banking banknotes

12 years. $37 million annually. Mike Trout signed an astonishing contract with the Angels. The contract was record breaking, and not just for baseball. The $430 million price tag is the largest for any player in North America. The sad part about the deal is how unrecognizable Trout is. So unrecognizable his own league commissioner had the audacity to blame Trout for his lack of notoriety.

  • Lakers and Knicks

LA officially missed the playoffs, and the Knicks were never in contention. Both teams suck, but the NBA ratings have never been higher. The league’s most important markets are irrelevant in terms of their records, but remain relevant in terms of the drama they bring. LeBron, the Anthony Davis trade that didn’t happen, James Dolan, Magic Johnson, and the Unicorn being sent packing were the top stories of the season.

  • Dana White & The UFC

White will continue running the UFC. The two agreed to a 7-year deal this week. The league’s very recognizable commissioner isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

  • Green Bay Packers

Clay Matthews left Green Bay, as did wide-receiver Randal Cobb. It feels like Aaron Rodgers is the only player remaining from their 2011 Super Bowl team.

  • Baseball

The season began… in Japan. This is part of a recent, odd tradition of America’s pastime beginning their season outside of America.

food japanese food photography sushi

  • Kaepernick

The Wall Street Journal reported Kaepernick and Ed Reed received $10 million in their recent settlement. It was rumored to be much higher.

Global Events

  • India & Pakistan

Reuters published a frightening story detailing just how close India and Pakistan came to war last month. It is pretty incredible to review.

  • Mexican Volcano

A huge volcano erupted in Mexico. The volcano is incredibly dangerous, and not far from Mexico City’s 25-million people. A full eruption would be one of the world’s greatest catastrophes ever. 

  • France Protests

The Yellow Vest protests are still happening weekly on Saturday, and have ramped up in intensity in recent weeks. The demonstrations have gone on for nineteen consecutive weeks.

  • Brexit

Shocker. No vote on Brexit, and PM Theresa May called for yet another delay nine days before the deadline. The EU played hardball for a moment, and tried to seem reluctant about extending the deadline. They ultimately realized they have no choice and granted the extension. Will this drama ever end?

  • The Netherlands

There was a terror attack in the Netherlands, and it seems like the killer was inspired by the atrocious events in New Zealand. He allegedly did this out of revenge. In response, the nation’s far-right party won more seats than expected in elections that soon followed.

Honorable Mentions

  • Thomas Panek

The blind man completed the NYC Half Marathon, and became the first blind person to do so. Check out his incredible story.

  • Houston Fire

The city saw smoke from a fire in neighboring town Deer Park, Texas. The chemical fire began on Sunday, was extinguished Wednesday, and reignited Friday evening.

  • Gucci

The company announced plans to sell a pair of shoes for $870. The catch?

They are intentionally designed to look dirty.gucci

  • Midwest Floods

The middle of the USA is flooding. It seems as if the Midwest is all but under water. According the Bloomberg – USA Today said that the flooding is likely to worsen as snow melts. Combine the snow melt with spring rain; and the problem likely lasts for many more months.

Expect food prices to rise as most crops are currently underwater. The long run damage is concerning, as precious topsoil may be damaged.

  • Red Bull

The company conducted a stunt over the Los Angeles skyline. It looked like an asteroid, comet, or meteor.

No, just a stupid PR move to strike unnecessary fear and drive up Twitter traffic.

Between this and the Musk rocket launches, LA is not ready for an actual emergency in their skies. They’ll think it’s another joke.

‘Entirely Scientific’ Prediction Meter

Because, why not?

1. Chance of Impeachment = 0%

Down 1% from last week

2. Chance the Mueller Report has a damning bombshell = 0%

Down 0.50% from last week

3. Chance Trump wins reelection in 2020 = 51%

Up 2% from last week

4. Most likely Democratic contender = Joe Biden

Change from Beto last week

5. Chance Howard Schultz runs as an Independent? = 99%


6. Chance the Golden State Warriors repeat = 15%

Down 5% from last week

7. Chance the Washington Capitals Repeat = 3%


8. NCAA March Madness Champ = Duke


9. Chance that Captain America dies in Avengers: Endgame = 99%


10. Chance of a US Recession in 2019 = 15%

Up 10% from last week



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