Replacing RBG

Imagine if legislators are tasked with replacing Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court. Trump has already replaced right-leaning juror Scalia in a hotly contested battle that was created before he became President. The seat was held hostage by a Republican-led Senate in 2016 leading up to his election. The move prevented Obama the chance to fill his third vacancy.

The second seat was that of moderate juror, Anthony Kennedy. His retirement sent the Democrats into a full-fledged frenzy during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, leading to what were some of the single-most dramatic times in our government.

A third seat in one four-year term is almost unprecedented, but in the event that this does occur, it would shock the political system in a way that words cannot fully describe. Ginsberg said herself that she dislikes Trump, and has not remained coy in stating that she intends to remain on the nation’s highest court in hopes of someone other than Trump will fill her seat. She is one of the left’s most recognizable heroes, and one of the left’s most reliable votes on the court. If she would be replaced by a right-wing juror, the balance of power on the Supreme Court would tilt in ways we haven’t seen in decades. It would likely be so catastrophic that Democrats would run on the issue, and draft legislation to change the landscape of the current court.

How would they do this? They would petition for the ability to include term limits with the judges selected, or increase the number of judges on the high court. Another proposal that has been thrown around is the impeachment of current justices, such as Kavanaugh, in the event they find damning evidence relevant to the Christine Blasey-Ford saga. Do not think for a minute that the left would refrain from suggesting any of these solutions in the event of a third appointment in as many years by Trump.

The Trump team has already conducted their search, and they stand ready to put their selection forward. It is likely Amy Conney Barrett. It would be important to replace Ginsberg’s seat with a female. However, Barrett fits the mold of what a conservative would like to see on the court. She is Catholic, a pro-life supporter, and she encompasses an originalist interpretation of our nation’s constitution. She is the worst nightmare of the left, and she would send the Democrats into a frenzy of epic proportions. Let us hope that this doesn’t come to fruition.


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