College Cheating Scandal

The story was covered just about everywhere, and remained a top headline beyond twenty-four hours. In this Trump era, it takes a lot to do this, but the fake college admission scandal did just that. The story has commonly been referred to as, ‘rich people using their means to further exploit a system that has already benefited them.’ Outrage has been expressed across multiple groups in our country. It isn’t hard to find people who express a need for additional affirmative action. Others say this is why capitalism has failed America.

The story deflated the spirits of others. One parent expressed how difficult it is to maintain optimism raising their child when they see this. It enabled people to go down the rabbit hole. Common questions included ‘how many other kids have been handed a favor,’ or ‘how many kids have been left out because of this privilege?’ Finally, some said ‘oh, well this was something we already knew.’

It is a negative, brutal story, and it is certainly one that can dampen your mood or spirit if you allow it to. Today, we seem to be part of a tribal culture. It is one that encourages you to fall into your group. This may be economically based on wealth, identity based on gender, religion, race, or politically based on Republican or Democrat. News like this easily displays how people use a story to justify what their particular group already believes or feels. Scroll through some comments or tweets and it isn’t hard to find this. It is sad that people use isolated, one-off stories to justify their innate belief of our system.

It seems as if most people cave to statistics, and groupthink. They appear to give up, instead of fighting to be the exception rather than the rule. This story certainly showed all walks of life expressing their dissatisfaction. The common sentiment was they cannot get ahead.

This is why you seldom go wrong when you proudly align yourself as an individual, free-thinker, Libertarian, or a Classical Liberal. The label isn’t necessarily important, but the idea is. You see, these types of people are the ones who hear a story like this, shrug it off, and go on with their work. They continue to strive to accomplish what is best for themselves and their family. Stories like this do not get them down. It doesn’t make them reevaluate their choices. It doesn’t turn them down the path of acting as if they are a victim.

Acting as if you are a victim because a story supports a narrative you have grown accustomed to, gives you an excuse for your own lack of success or accomplishment. It enables you, and in an odd way, empowers you. You now have proof that your life would be better if only the other person didn’t have money, status, or their connections. It makes you believe that the only reason you aren’t in a better place is because you lack all of the above. It causes you to feel that you would have them if you were part of a reformed system, or a system that played by rules you deem fair.

You see, you don’t get to decide what is fair in life. This is why you should stay ethical, protect your own house, and do what you can to stay part of a group of individuals. Empower yourself in that fashion. Stay strong and don’t let stories like this drag you down. Be your own person and move forward in the way you know best.

Let your conscience be your guide, fight for what you individually believe in, and stay positive in the process. Remain creative. You’ve got this, but only if you want it.


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