Imagine This

Here’s an unthinkable idea. There are about twenty or so Democrats that will likely have their hat in the ring. A few of them are actual lawmakers, such as sitting Senators, or members of the House. They actually have power today to make a difference. The only way one of these Democrats makes a name for himself is to act differently. Trump was 100% different from his opposition. This was true in everything he said, did, and proposed. That is why he commanded the attention of the American public. It was something we haven’t seen before.

A Democrat can command attention by forming a unique coalition. This would entail working with members of his or her own party as well as members of the right to create a compromise regarding some of the issues impacting us today.

Let’s take immigration reform. Imagine if a sitting Democrat Senator shocked everyone and came out with a multiple-point proposal that he or she drafted with some members of both parties. What if this proposal includes a bipartisan commission of people to examine the plans proposed? It would show leadership, it would break the trend of partisan divide, and it would give this person huge momentum and a competitive advantage heading into primaries.

The party needs leadership and most importantly needs ideas. This again was something Trump brought. He was a leader because of who he was, plus he had ideas that America could get behind. Americans want to vote for something and they want creative ideas that they can take a chance on. This is in our DNA.

Take for instance the John McCain defiance with Obamacare last year. This would have been even more paramount had he proposed part two of the solution, which would have been an actual deal that voters could get behind. Instead he created three types of people. Democrats who hate Trump came into his corner because of his defiance. Republicans who hate Trump came into his corner because of his leadership against our president. Finally, Trump backers hated the move because McCain didn’t present an alternative, but instead obstructed the legislation.

People will grow tired of the defiance from the left in coming months as well. Americans are not meant to just say no and sit still. We are constantly evolving, questioning, and creating new ideas. We like and prefer action.

The best way for one of these Democrats to move forward and break this mold is to be different. Someone should step out of the box, and shatter the polarized behavior we have grown tired of. Wishful thinking, but someone will need to separate from the pack and it’s unlikely anyone can do it with the behavior or charisma Trump had. Therefore, you have to do this with actionable ideas and the few Senators who have the power to do this should use the competitive advantage in front of them.

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