Macro Issues

You cannot control a macro issue. This is especially true when discussing or debating political issues at the highest level. This is most evident when these chats focus on choices made by our Presidents. Some can call this a pessimistic view. They’re likely part of the Resistance or Never Trump movement today. Others were once part of the anti-Obama group, Birther Movement, or Bush/Cheney lies about the 9/11 and Iraq. It’s OK. This is what free speech garners. It brings groups of all likes, and that’s the beauty of America.

The point of this piece is to make the case that if a political foe is in power, there is little one can do to change it. Typically the options are marching, protesting, tweeting, voting, and attempts at convincing those less angry than you. Lots of work with minimal resolve. That leaves someone opposed to a leader or the views of a leader with little choice of what remains. Stay the course and check out, or stay the course and tune in.

Today, it is increasingly difficult to check out. It can be done, but it almost takes more work to check out, versus tuning in. Save the time and energy. Tuning in requires reading and listening, but from which medium. Why tune in and hear information that simply feeds the narrative you want but exposes negative energy to you on a regular basis? Isn’t a half-full perspective much preferred? The energy spent is similar, but the result is more satisfying. Anger and negativity wear a person down. It requires more time and power to stay angry, whereas it is much easier to listen to a positive report or perspective and move on.

This isn’t advocating for an anti-Trump individual to tune into Fox News every day. However, it is advocating for a member of the Resistance to relax a little, consume new information, and realize the situation isn’t that dire when looked at through an optimistic lens. It’s a lot easier.


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