The Truth Will Set You Free

He was mocked by most in the media when he initiated his run for the presidency. He was laughed at, but commanded attention.

Then he managed to take down the Bush’s and overcame McCain and Romney. Once he beat Christie and Giuliani, he confided in them and invited them to be on his team.

He changed the landscape of the GOP by breaking all the rules. There was no Compassionate Conservatism with him, or war hawk behavior. There was a man who embraced the ideology of the Evangelicals, but hardly was a Christian role model himself.

The media told the country time and time again that he wouldn’t win the election, and that he’d set the GOP back years by his snafus. A new story broke time and time again all throughout the second half of 2016. One associate of his campaign departs here, and another associate of his campaign falls into trouble there. Each was looked at as the final straw.

Finally, the Billy Bush tape is miraculously dug up by NBC. The tape, fourteen years old and always available to be released is dropped at what seems to be the most perfect time. The 2016 election’s October Surprise. Important to note  that this was the first time the media officially turned on the man they helped create. This was the beginning of their intentional and targeted attacks.

NBC always had the film. They could have released it during the primaries, or at the start of his campaign. They liked the media bump they got from his candidacy and wanted to ride the wave for a bit, but now the gig was up. Time to crown Hillary and end the circus. Well, America didn’t bite. Hillary didn’t visit Wisconsin. That same media who told America they were smarter and better than you woke up with egg on their face on November 7, 2016.

The media cried. How did this happen? It wasn’t supposed to happen.

The media apologized. We’re sorry we didn’t get an adequate gauge of the country. We never understood what Americans felt outside the coastal bubbles.

The media pondered. How can this be avoided in the future? Can we learn from our mistakes? They traveled around to other markets outside NYC and DC. They sought opinions from others.

The media pontificated. They promised and assured us they would have it right going forward. They wouldn’t let us down again. They are still the media. The searchers and prevailers of truth.

They sought revenge. They didn’t tell you what they truly felt behind the scenes, but they weren’t letting Trump get the final straw and they’ll be damned if he stays in office. An office they didn’t feel he deserved.

The media went through the five stages of grief, but not in the most healthy order.

That leads down the path of 2016’s conclusion and the commencement of Russia. The Democratic Party, in concert with reporting from the same major media outlets who just told us they have atoned for their sins, began publishing the unthinkable before his inauguration.

Russia tampered in our election. We had already known this before Election Day. Wikileaks was publishing multitudes of Clinton emails, and Obama had already expelled Russian diplomats living on American soil. Now, the story takes its unexpected twist. Trump. The same Trump who was too dumb to win the election. We were told Trump was actually working alongside Russia during the campaign. He, his campaign, and Russia were cooperating in a way to undermine our election’s integrity and take down Madam President.

The story made sense. But, more importantly, it had to make sense. How else could a man who had never served in public office ascend to the presidency? How else could these stupid, misinformed voters support Trump unless he was brainwashing voters in tandem with The Kremlin. That just had to be how this nightmare happened. The media ran with it from the start.

Then, the right-wing narrative came out. Questions were raised. How did the dossier, which included the evidence that led to the appointment of the Special Counsel get here in the first place? How did the FISA Court approve the spying that led to information discovery that got us here? How did the infamous Trump Tower meeting actually transpire? The parallels were always there, but it was only Fox News and a few other right-leaning outlets who had the courage to dig into these questions. The other side resisted.

The other side told America he had to be a Russian agent. They used every chance they got. They told America time and time again. Bombshell after bombshell. Anonymous source after anonymous source. A leak here and a leak there. Everything made sense to them with this reporting and investigating.

It was Fox News who was the true enemy, they’d say. They told America Fox was state-run media. They told America Trump was controlling the narrative. They knew the truth would set America free, and the truth was in the hands of their patron saint, Mr. Robert Mueller III.

Two years passed. Hundred and hundreds of days. In that time period the media that told America our president was a Russian spy. They would say Trump was on the verge of a Nixonian collapse and subsequent impeachment. He was all but heading to jail. Go find one leading member of the media outside of Fox, or one member of the Democratic Party who didn’t tell America Trump would be impeached for his Russian collusion. You won’t find it.

In the same two years that the media told us Trump would be going down, they also said his family would, too. They told us Don Jr. was going to be indicted. They told us his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, was working in concert with Russia through Saudi back channels. They told us foreign banks were hiding and laundering the family money to disguise the evidence. Every theory in the book was thrown out. It was a soap opera of unrelenting proportions.

The same two years brought about countless other events that the media used to mischaracterize their president and his supporters. They couldn’t stop with Russia. No, they had to use every single negative event that happened in America and find a way to tie it in with Trump and his base.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane. A couple hundred white racist morons walk with tiki-torches through Charlottesville and Trump and his base are to blame. After all, this is Trump’s America. Let racism ring from sea to shining sea.

The dialogue was set early on. If you supported Trump, you not only are an imbecile overlooking the fact that he is a Russian agent, but now you’re a racist. Every single event in America from Charlottesville through Jussie Smollett would be used against Trump and his voters.

For two years straight the bulk of the American media referred to tens of millions of Americans, especially the stupid white ones living in middle America, as racist morons. But wait, there actually hasn’t been a spike in hate crime and the most infamous one of all was a staged plot by a desperate D-List actor who just wanted attention and fame from the same media he felt he could control. Let us not even begin and try to explain the remarkable display of corruption in the Chicago Justice System once his charges were dropped. 

Then came the domestic terrorism. The Pittsburgh shooting in the Jewish synagogue. Parkland. The fool who sent fake (bomb) packages all around the US. These events just had to again prove the point the media so desperately wants us to believe. Every white male in this country isn’t only a stupid, racist moron who supports this Russian agent residing at the White House, but now those same supporters are filled with rage.

The media did this with everything for two years straight.

Don’t believe Christine Blasey-Ford? Well, you’re a Trump supporting misogynist who doesn’t believe the victims of sexual assault.

Oh wait, there were more holes in Blasey-Ford’s story than Swiss cheese.

Don’t believe the Native American Vietnam veteran trying to teach a lesson to the Covington Catholic School boy? Well, you’re a racist bigot operating under the guise of your religion.

Oh wait, the story and video evidence supports our school children instead.

Don’t believe the world will end because of climate change in twelve years? Well, you’re a science-denying fool who will ruin the future generation.

Oh wait, there is zero chance the world ends from climate change by the year 2031.

Don’t believe everything Michael Avenatti says about the consensual affair Trump had with Stormy Daniels and subsequent extortion plot? Well, you’re clearly a white male who doesn’t believe women are the victims.

Oh wait, that same Avenatti CNN and MSNBC interviewed over 100 times is going to prison for trying to extort Nike out of $20 million.

Don’t believe Colin Kaepernick was kneeling exclusively to call attention to police brutality? Well, you’re obviously a racist if you think for a minute he did it for money and fame.

Oh wait, he settled for $10 million with the NFL, and the lawyer he used was the co-conspirator with Avenatti when trying to extort Nike. Oh yeah, Nike is the company who sponsors Colin, too. Surely, Colin was always doing this for all the right reasons. As if.

Don’t believe that Democrats are only trying to rip away the electoral college and give sixteen-year olds the right to vote to better their chances of winning the next election? Well, you’re clearly a horrible American that doesn’t believe in equal representation.

Oh wait, the Democrats don’t want to provide American voters with policy ideas we can debate and legislate on. No, they want to create a new America with as many safeguards as possible to ensure they will avoid a 2016 scenario at all costs.

Finally, back to Russia. For two years straight the American media has told Trump supporters that Fox News was lying to them. They put out carefully-coordinated attacks to take down Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, and Laura Ingraham. Why were they so determined to take down these talking heads? They told us that it was because they were spouting lies and they were abusing free speech. They were unraveling the fabric of our democracy. They were the problem and they had to go.

Well, the truth will set you free. The media told American voters for two years straight that Fox News was lying. They told America that Trump was lying. That Republicans we’re lying. Well, the truth will set you free. In fact, it was the media and the Democrats who were lying.

Robert Mueller delivered their precious report and it was a bag full of coal that they wish they had never asked for. Karma is a real bitch, and if you ever need proof it exists, then go no further.

The media, not Fox News lied to the American public for two years straight. The media and their high and mighty ethical behavior. That same media who had no problem sourcing anonymous leaks and then would turn around and mock Trump tweets and comments when he’d say it was fake. That media was in fact always fake.

You see, the last time the media messed up this bad was when we sent our country to war against Iraq to find weapons of mass destruction and never did. The WMDs didn’t exist, but thousands of American soldiers died. A never ending, costly war was born. The media, however, doesn’t bear the brunt of that mistake. They were reporting based on American intelligence.

This time, the media always had it out for the man they mistakenly crowned. They knew they were pushing lies. They were intentionally blinded by the truth. They wanted Trump to lose so bad that they did everything in their power to make it happen. They failed. They failed from the Billy Bush Access Hollywood video all the way through faux-Russian Collusion.

Their cards are now in plain site. We all know their goals. They want Trump out and they will do whatever it takes to get him out. Will they apologize? Hell no. Will they stop? Hell no. But, will they lose America’s trust? Yes. Will they jeopardize the American system going forward because of the way they abused and exploited it for two years? Yes.

These things have grave consequences. There is a reason we have cliche stories such as the boy who cried wolf. Trump supporters are empowered and galvanized more than ever. All across America, Independent and moderate voters saw a headline that read Mueller Finds No Collusion.

You vote on trust and likability. Americans love an underdog and Trump is the biggest underdog we have seen in a generation. He is the epitome of David and Goliath. He was targeted to be taken down from every aspect of our country. The man has nine-lives. Americans see, recognize, and respect him for this.

Americans choose to elect who they trust more. Well, of course you’re going to trust a man who was falsely accused. No one in our country would ever want to endure the pain of being mischaracterized and unjustly targeted for as long as he was. We all read The Crucible growing up and we’re all familiar with The Salem Witch Trials. We just saw one take place on the grandest of scales. The trust Trump will gain from this is tenfold.

Democrats better pivot and they better pivot fast. If candidates don’t separate themselves from this pack of hungry wolves desperate for power by any means necessary, then they have no chance in 2020. Someone in their party must stand up and say ENOUGH. They need to turn against the media. They need to turn against identity politics and the groupthink that paralyzes their decision making. Someone needs to say, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore.”

Be a leader. Be a fighter. Present the country with ideas. Present the country with a debate on who has the better healthcare model. Who has the better tax code. Who has the better way to tackle China trade. Let us go back to discussing ideas and debating policy. The truth will set you free but creative thinking moves you ahead.


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