It’s a wonderful moment for us Trump supporters. We, like him, deserve the vindication. We have been told we are racist, moronic, fools. We have been told that Trump and Fox News were lying to us for two years straight, but you know what?

We were always the ones benefiting from the truth, and despite being tested we didn’t break. God bless those of us who didn’t waver. We all deserve a pat on the back for our endurance during this period.

I would like to say that as an unapologetic and politically-engaged Trump supporter living in Manhattan, I have had moments that have tested my support of Trump, but I stuck with it. I had to tirelessly explain my vote and justify my continued support.

I had to constantly deal with the barrage of now proven inaccurate ‘facts.’ I lost friendships, relationships, and likely other opportunities for this, and you know what? Today, I feel fantastic because it was all worth it. God bless those who never waver.

Hopefully, those afflicted in the past two years will understand they acted on disproven theories. Let us hope we collectively come together, learn and grow from this moment.


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