It’s Hard To Keep Up

The wheels are off. Moms are domestic terrorists. Biden doesn't know how the vaccine works. We have 11 million unfilled jobs, with 8 million unemployed, and the fix is to spend trillions of dollars. Does anything make sense anymore? But, at least we are protected from mean tweets!

National Issues, or Community Issues?

You can only control so many things in your life. Things you cannot control have degrees of ease about how difficult or simple you can attempt to manage them. You should surround your life with issues, causes, and ideas that are within your control. This is how you can decrease stress, increase results, and allow yourself to stay more consistently optimistic in the process. How do you do it? Give it a read.

Change. A series devoted to one word. Part 3

Change presents us with the following options. You can resist it. You can embrace it. You can be the one creating it. You fall into some combination of the three before mentioned lines. You cannot speak about change without discussing the past. You can begin by accepting the following principles. The past is gone The past … Continue reading Change. A series devoted to one word. Part 3