Making a Difference

It’s interesting how people chose to help on a particular cause. Making a difference is all about doing what you feel passionate about. It’s also rewarding yourself for being selfless and not selfish. We all do it. Yet we all do it differently.

Some people prefer prayer. It’s their main MO. They pray for results. They pray daily. They believe in it. They feel it yields the most.

Some people do little acts of charity that aren’t calculated but they are consciously aware of it and do as many small good deeds as they can over time.

Some people volunteer regularly. They have organizations they support and groups they try to help.

Some people march and take the activist approach. They have a goal of bringing people together to call attention to certain issues and causes.

Some people take bits an pieces from all the above pieces and get involved with a hodgepodge of ways.

There is a guide one can use when going about helping particular causes.

  1. Is your heart in the right place? This is important. Are you actually doing this to help the group you want to support or is there an ulterior motive. Some people help so they recognized by others. Some people advance a cause in hopes of bringing down an adversary. They may help a cause, but then hurt others in the process. Some do it to just check a box. Are you simply doing it to help, and no more? Will your actions only help those you are supporting, or will there be adverse effects from your actions? Is it pure selflessness?

  2. Is what you’re doing the best and most efficient way to go about advancing your cause or helping a particular group? Is there a better way to go about this? Have you given that some thought? What about the group you are trying to help. Have you asked them the best way you can help them? What do they want?

  3. Is the cause you are fighting for worth the fight? You only have so much time, and is this cause something that makes the best use of your devotion? Is there a tangible result from your actions within reach? This is a tough question to ask yourself, but it is worth spending some time on.

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