Drain The Swamp

Two wrongs don’t make a right

Remember hearing that when you were younger? You, and another person were typically lectured on something in which both of you broke the rules. This was often childish in nature. For instance, you didn’t hold the door for someone in class you didn’t like, and subsequently, that person soon shoved you. The teacher would chastise you both, and conclude the punishment with ‘you know, two wrongs don’t make a right.’

That’s where we are in American politics today. Joe Biden allegedly used his power and influence to advance his son, Hunter. This blatant nepotism resulted in his son profiting in overseas business deals that he had no business taking part in. That’s wrong number one.

Donald Trump had heard whispers of said nepotism, and through a conversation with the newly elected Ukrainian leader, suggested he reopen a corruption probe that was closed in 2016 centering on a pay for play involving the likes of Joe and Hunter Biden. This is a violation of a law underneath the Federal Election Commission prohibiting a candidate for office from soliciting information via an international government on a political opponent. That’s wrong number two.

Let’s examine each wrong in the context of American culture

The first is something almost everyone can relate to. A story of a privileged, spoiled brat of a child profiting under Daddy’s name and career work. We all went to school with someone like this, and it’s safe to say, we all feel the same way about that person. They never actually worked for what they have. Hunter Biden was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. 

Wrong number two is a technicality. So, the US President can’t investigate corruption simply because said corruption focuses on a person running for his office? Furthermore, you can and do dig up dirt on your opponent, but it cannot be from a foreign land. We experience odd technicalities like this in sports. The most obvious takes place in the NFL. A coach cannot challenge an errant play after the 2:00 warning. You see a ref make a mistake, but it cannot be reviewed because of a flaw in the rule. The team goes on to win based on the technicality. We all saw the missed call. But, because of a flawed system, it cannot be looked at.

How about we examine the current lay of the land

Two sides cannot be further apart. We have impeachment on the table, and it puts America in an unprecedented situation. Clinton, Nixon, and Johnson were impeached on entirely different grounds. You cannot make a comparison to this. Side one despises Trump. They have had it out for him for about three years now. He came between them and their coronation ceremony of Lady Hillary. There are two keywords in that paragraph. Three years.

Side two embraced one prominent rally cry Donald Trump implored.

Drain The Swamp

These Americans have stood idly by and grown in frustration for decades. They’ve seen cronyism and corruption, lies and deceit, mistakes and coverups in the past three administrations in particular. They are equal opportunity haters in their anger towards the insufferable elitists, whether they are named Clinton, Bush, Cheney, Obama, or Biden.

The R or D after their name has become irrelevant.

The time they’ve held power has become most relevant.

They’ve watched two recessions since Clinton took office, and while they suffered, they watched the rich get richer.

They’ve seen an endless war fought under false pretenses, forcing them to give up their rights to privacy, while the government expanded their powers under the guise of protection.

They’ve witnessed countless scandals involving America’s wealthy elite, and wonder how it seems they always escape justice.

They’ve sat back and watched American corporations commit crime and fraud time after time, and ask how is it possible they always get bailed out with slaps on the wrist.

This has been a systemic problem going on in America for decades, and Trump is the emblematic folk hero tasked with rooting out the problem from the inside.

What’s the point? One side may seem angrier on the surface because they command the media and have been bitching for three straight years. Quite loud, in fact. The other side has had an anger brewing inside of them for decades, and they’ve been quietly keeping a mental tally in their mind of all the egregious offenses they have seen take place over twenty-five plus years.

You’d be a fool to think that a technicality will sway them, especially a technicality based on nepotism that furthers the success of one of America’s elite, privileged and connected families.

What’s the Endgame

The endgame is simple. The swamp will be drained. As long as Americans have the ability to cast votes, they will ensure what they have wanted for decades is carried out. They want their reckoning. This has gone on for far too long. You see, the sentiment is similar, but it’s the solution and candidate’s affiliation that creates a false feeling of division, or a 50/50 split in this country. Don’t believe the lies.

Bernie Sanders in 2016 had tremendous support. He was an anti-establishment candidate running on taking powers away from the wealthy and elite. He was a victim of internal fraud from his own party via the likes of Lady Hillary, because no one was going to get in her way this time. The Bernie Sanders supporters have far more in common with Trump supporters than they realize. But, Bernie needs votes, and the media needs division, so both vilify Trump.

2020 brings three anti-establishment candidates in the Democrat Party. Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Andrew Yang. All three have their campaigns rooted in a similar message. Take down the wealthy elitists in this country. Rid the US of its corruption. Combined, the three-headed monster is getting about 50% of the vote. Add this to the 90%+ support Republicans throw Donald Trumps way, and there is a solid majority of folks ready, willing, and able to rid this country of the corrupt, wealthy elites that have used and abused us all for far too long.

Here’s the misstep.

If Donald Trump is defeated one year from now, you have inserted an asterisk next to his loss. That asterisk sits at the top of the mental list his supporters have been tallying up for decades. His supporters view the Federal Election Commission crime like a cop pulling over someone on the freeway rushing to work for going 74 mph in a 65 mph zone. Yeah, it’s breaking the law if you want to be technical, but is it really that big of a deal? To the folks who have been freaking out for three years straight. Yes. It’s the holy grail to them. To the folks who have been quietly sitting back tallying up offense after offense for decades while they continue to struggle to make ends meet, this is par for the course.

There really is no escaping this. Does anyone believe, even if Trump loses in one year he will leave the White House and go quietly into the night? He will let out more secrets than anyone can imagine. He’ll go down yelling louder than he is today. Yeah, he’ll leave 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, but he isn’t going away.

This is the last stand for the power obsessed Americans that have gleefully ridden the carousel of corruption for a generation.

They know it’s their endgame. They know this is it. But, it is most difficult to take away one’s power once they already amassed it. However, whether Warren, Sanders, or Yang takes it away by stripping away their wealth, and taxing their future earnings. Or, Trump takes it away by exposing their sins they’ve committed for decades. Their power is gone. The ironic part is, there’s whispers of a revolution, or that these supporters will become violent. That’s comical. The majority who support the previously mentioned candidates aren’t engaging in a physical revolution. They’re just making their voices heard, waking up from the nightmare they’ve lived in, and using their power to vote out the scum that’s infested America’s institutions for far too long.

How did this happen? The Internet. The connectivity and the immediate transmittal of information. Combine both, add in the fact that everyone can be a reporter via their phone nowadays, and there’s no more hiding from the truth. The tide has rolled out, and America sees who is swimming naked.

The Emperor has no clothes

The real revolution is actually happening. It’s the power hungry elitists that are doing everything and anything in their last stand to retain the power, wealth, and control they’ve amassed through their social circles, last names, college degrees, and hand picked careers. They won’t go down without a fight, and they’re been revolting since Lady Hillary squeezed out Bernie, and the powers that be drummed up faux-Russia collusion.

There are countless instances in the history of the world when the people finally rose up and took down the aristocracy, or plutocrats. Most were done with violence. Amazing that only in America, could it be that the silent majority takes down the system by finally finding the right fighter, and casting ballots. As long as Americans realize there is more that connects us rather than divide us, we will get our wish.

We will take down the power hungry corruption with our votes, and carry on with this Great American Experiment. 

A government of the people, by the people, and for the people.




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  1. A stunningly well written article. I will post on my FB page, other conservative FB pages and send a tweet to our president containing a link to this article. Thanks for taking the time and making the effort(s) to express your thoughts!

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