Are we referring to it as Global Warming, Climate Change, or Mass Extinction these days? It’s becoming difficult to keep up. However, there is one thing that’s been easy to follow. Folks on the left in America are incredibly passionate about the environment. It’s amazing how much they obsess over protecting a tree on fire in the Amazon, versus helping their American brother addicted to opioids living in a tent on Skid Row in LA get clean.

Watch the video of the sixteen year old at the UN yet? It’s petrifying. Why? The content of what she says isn’t the scary part for a rational individual. It’s frightening because of how scared she is. She is sixteen and is displaying more terror than most folks have and will publicly display in their life. She’s either an exceptional actor auditioning for a role in the upcoming climate film funded by Al Gore and produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, or her parents and teachers have failed her mightily by scaring the crap out of her.

Let’s hit this issue head on. Three countries amount for over half of the world’s emissions. The greatest offender is China, followed by the US, and then India. Together, these three countries have roughly a third of the world’s population.

India can be classified as a second world country at best, but is predominately third world in a vast portion. The country has a long way to go in terms of literally cleaning up their act. They are taking strides to improve the situation, however, this is going to be a long process for them. They lack the resources, and technology to take on the task with ease. The nation does seem to take the issue seriously, and is at least trying.

China is first world in their major cities, and second world throughout most of the remaining portions of their vast nation. The nation has done little to actually clean up their large cities, and remains a huge offender of polluting the world. The nation claims they are trying, but the results speak to the contrary. Here, we have a nation that has a history of telling the world one thing, while heading home and doing the opposite. It seems nearly impossible to think that China will take steps that harm, or at minimum, dampen their economic growth and subsequent independence, to help the world’s climate.

The USA has made steps to clean their act up in recent decades. Now, it is important to note that the nation has lagged behind their Western allies, and there is certainly room to go.

Three nations, three different situations, half of the world’s emissions, and a third of its population.

How can this be resolved? The USA can and should be a leader in terms of change, because the nation possesses the resources in terms of technology to make a difference domestically.

The developed world can lend a hand to India through direct investment to clean up the nation and expedite the turnaround process. Both of these are practical solutions that can work.

That still leaves the 800 pound panda in the room – China. It’s a shame there’s no Chinese proverb about ones pride getting in the way, because that may be the only way to drive the point home for the Chinese.

They don’t listen. They won’t listen.

They value their autonomy, champion their success, and won’t swallow their pride. To think the world could target their emissions and politely ask or force them to make a change is ignorant at best, and dumb at worst. China is emitting somewhere between 20% and 25% of the world’s emissions, and is comprised of roughly a sixth of the world’s population. They are the true offender, and until they get on bored, the world shouldn’t hold its breath. Or, maybe they should if they sit downwind from China.


One thought on “Climate

  1. Phil- you should look into grid architecture and how energy economics of utilities drive renewable energy development. The energy world is changing rapidly. A system designed around big, centralized power plants and one-way power flows is grinding against the rise of smarter, cleaner technologies that offer new ways to generate and manage energy at the local level (think solar panels and batteries). Community solar plus storage is the concept being delivered and unless old systems are re-conceived and redesigned, they could end up slowing down, and increasing the cost of, the transition to clean electricity (and hampering the fight against climate change). Energy professionals like myself are aware that strains are starting to push on utilities to funding network upgrades that rate payers vote against every time. Energy sector reform is all the buzz these days, with active discussions and experimentation around rate design, market reforms, subsidies, regulations, and legislative targets.


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