Change. A series devoted to one word. Part 3

Change presents us with the following options.

  • You can resist it.
  • You can embrace it.
  • You can be the one creating it.

You fall into some combination of the three before mentioned lines.

You cannot speak about change without discussing the past. You can begin by accepting the following principles.

  • The past is gone
  • The past will not return
  • The past cannot repeat itself

To fully understand, embrace, and be part of the change, one must accept the before mentioned statements about the past.

Let’s combine it all for this part and discuss the future.

Today, change is happening all around us. Technology has broken down geographic barriers and enhanced connectivity. We are the creators of this change if we accept the offer. The decision is ours. We truly have free will. We are not bound.

We also know that the past cannot repeat itself and that cycles are fallacy. This means we can not only create the change but we are not bound to the ways of the past. We can postulate new concepts, and theorize new ideas. We do not need to constrain our brain. We can create what those before us said were impossible dreams. We can open our brain to all concepts, and thoughts.

Today, we can give the world an idea. We can test its reaction for understanding and embrace. What if we gain traction? The idea could become a respected concept in no time. We can change the way people think or view something over night. The world was never able to act like this before. It took generations to give new concepts and ideas in the past. Today, anyone can deliver this gift, and anyone can accept your offer. What a wonderful thing to embrace?

What do you do with this? You let your mind wander wherever it wants to go. Release your mind and open it up to the freedom it deserves.

You can look at the world and question everything. You can ask yourself about doing something more efficient. Doing something different. Helping others in a new way. Providing advice in a simpler fashion. There are so many new ways to think.

How do you go forward from here? Ask yourself what your heart yearns for. Do you want to help others? How so? Let that be your basis for how you see the world. Everything you see. Everything you do. Relate it back to that inner yearning. Postulate what you can do to make this place better for those you want to help.

What if your heart yearns for making the world safer. What if it yearns for making the world cleaner. What about richer. Find what you truly want to do. What makes you most excited. Where is your true passion for change. Use the passion. Break the constraints off your brain. Don’t be bound by the thoughts and rules of the past. Ask how it can change. Break away from the norms.

Take yourself to new places. Take action with your new ideas. Publish them. Bring them up in public. Suggest them to people who represent that particular cause. Bring it up to those who think similar. Be the one shining light to the world. Shine the light on new issues. Help be the instrument for change. You can do it. Why not?

We are living in a wonderful era.

Why would you waste time fighting the change because you’re a romantic who is nostalgic for the past?

Why live to only embrace the change, but no more?

Why not be the creator of the change?

Use the free will God birthed you with. Take the free will that generations before you have fought and died for. Use it to change the world. Make it a better place for whatever you want to change. There has never been a moment in history where you could do so with such efficiency and ease.

Every day that goes by, you could be the one creating change. Every day you pass on the invitation, someone else will embrace it. Who would you rather be?


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