America’s Homeless

There are many organizations that help our homeless. They do fantastic work.

There are millions of us that help our homeless in our own ways.

Can we do better? If one of our fellow Americans is so down on their luck that they are sleeping outside for even one night; have we failed?

America is transforming. Many of us are becoming active in our communities and online. This is happening on both sides of the aisle, and it is successfully calling attention to many issues. That is great in the long run. Let’s be proud that we are part of a nation that allows this activism. Let’s be glad our nation has people that have such a passion to help others.

The causes we have seen addressed in recent memory are many. Let’s name a few.

  • Immigration Reform
    • Keeping Families Together
  • Women’s March
    • Me Too Movement
  • March For Our Lives
    • Gun Safety
  • The Unborn Child
    • Pro-Life, Abortion Control
  • Tea Party Movement
    • Religious Freedom Regarding Obamacare
  • Black Lives Matter
    • Criminal Justice Reform / Police Oppression
  • Veterans
    • VA Hospitals
  • Natural Disasters
    • Wildfires, Hurricanes, Tornadoes

The interesting thing is there are so many causes listed here, yet do yourself a favor and search the last time we have done something for our homeless Americans on a large-scale coordinated effort.

It’s difficult to find. We have people in our cities that literally cannot afford to put a roof over their head. We have unemployment telling us we don’t have enough employees to fill the number of job openings. What if we collectively spent one day to help our homeless? Don’t they deserve at least that? One day could lead to so much more.

The Internet connects us in ways we never once were able to do. Messages and news can spread quickly through our country. Countless celebrities, politicians, business owners, corporations, and influencers have incredibly large platforms. Their platforms have many followers who read and view their content daily. These people have great power to do good. What if they used it to rally us Americans together to collectively go out to help our homeless?

We can listen and communicate with them. We can find out why they are where they are, and what they need from us to help them. We can take this new-found knowledge to aid local organizations and politicians with things they can do to continue helping those less fortunate than us. This day is not about offering money, or articles of clothing. It will be more than that. We need to figure out what we can to help them in the short and long-term. We need to get these people off the streets and back in the workforce. We must help them. We can do this. It starts with one day. Let’s make it happen. 


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