Who’s Paying Attention?

Discussing Trump is more often than not a zero sum game. Trump topics typically result in two things. The subject either alienates the audience, or provides them with minimal content to provoke thought, but keeps them tuned in. The media appear on the surface as if they haven’t realized it yet, but they are well aware of the cash cow in front of them. The fact the media speaks about him so much proves they are a business in need of making money, and he fans the headlines for them to drive up profits via clicks and views. It’s a vicious cycle, but that is how polarizing he is. Trump is a person, albeit, an important one, but still one person.

The value in content today is highlighting issues relevant to the big, long-term picture, or ones about small, local situations. The best journalism combines both to challenge the current thought process, making the reader reevaluate their choices. Trump can win re-election. Imagine what the world will be in seven years. Who’s paying attention to the things that are going on in our local communities? Who’s writing about activity that is happening in the social circles of the elites? Who’s covering the tracks that businesses and community organizations are blazing? Where is that information? It’s a scary thought to think about the time, energy, and coverage on Trump related stories, that it makes your mind wander wondering what else is actually going on in the US?

This is how a Black Swan comes about. The economy, and the overall landscape of our nation become so strong, that the efficiency and ease of daily life enables our attention to drift elsewhere. Journalists and their readers lose interest in stories that actually matter to their daily lives. This results in minimal investigative reporting, as focus is lost. This is when it is easiest for the evildoers to advance their selfish causes through lies and corruption. We always ask how did this happen? It happens because we collectively allowed it.

The Dot-Com Bubble, Enron & Arthur Anderson Accounting Scandals, 9-11, and 2008 Housing Crisis are recent examples of Black Swans. In the late 1990s the American economy was booming, and focus was on the scandals of the Clinton White House. The first part of 2000 switched focus to fallout from Bush-Gore 2000 election. The early 2000s resulted in another booming economy, while focus was on the Iraq/Afghanistan war, and scandals of the Bush White House. Sound familiar to today?

This is what should worry Americans. There are a lot of people and organizations in our country. They are up to a lot. Some are lying. Who is paying attention?


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