What Is Going On?

Does anyone seem to care?

The Afghanistan exit couldn’t have gone much worse. We tragically lost thirteen members of our military. The chaotic attack, as well the scenes before and after the explosion could have been avoided. The fact is, the Taliban had offered to simply stay out of Kabul and provide us the entire city to conduct our exit. Biden single-handedly refused their offer.

Our military, directed by Biden, decided to try and change the narrative, and attempt to avenge the loss of our service members with a drone strike in Kabul. The attack misfired and resulted in seven children being murdered, as well as three aide workers.

We left behind hundreds of American citizens, as well as thousands of green card/permanent residents. Amazingly, this was because of a deadline we had set for ourselves. Finally, we abandoned tens of thousands of Afghans who helped our military in the twenty year war. To add insult to injury, we actually left behind lists of names of these individuals for the Taliban to use. And, how could we not mention the alarmingly high total of military equipment and intact bases left behind.

The border is a disaster. We’ve now had over 1.2 million illegal border crossings since Biden took office. And, now we’ve simply let a massive caravan of Haitians to come in. They are living in insanely horrible conditions, and the media is reporting that they are not being sent back.

We’ve refused to vaccinate those entering illegally. It is amazing to note that Psaki told reporters the reason for this is because those crossing the border are not intending to stay long.

We have a President hell bent on forcing vaccines for all. His own Chief of Staff recently admitted they’re simply using OSHA as the ultimate workaround. Biden has also said his goal is to protect the vaccinated from the non vaccinated, yet the data shows a vaccinated person is protected simply by use of the vaccine.

We’re realizing the COVID hospitalization metrics are drastically overstating the data as about 30%-40% of those hospitalized have a very mild case and shouldn’t be in the hospital in the first place.

Biden, in August, hoped to deter headlines from the Afghan problem to vaccines by rushing booster shots for all, yet our own FDA has now had two high ranking members resign due to rushing of the decision. Recently, the FDA subsequently rebuked the president’s request, and only suggested the booster shots be used on those age 65 and older, as well as those who are immune compromised.

In the midst of all of this chaos, we’ve had a story come out about our nation’s top general, Mark Milley, conspiring with the Speaker of the House to undermine a sitting US President and collude with a foreign nation in that of China back in January of 2020.

The Ukraine story bringing about Trump’s impeachment involved foreign bribery, yet a call was leaked by Biden’s own White House proving Biden himself tried to bribe the then leader of Afghanistan.

The DOJ and Pelosi are doing everything possible to allow abortions beyond fifteen weeks. The DOJ recently petitioned the Supreme Court ahead of their December case that could overturn Roe v. Wade.

We’ve had an indictment come out showing more malfeasance was behind the scenes of the phony Russia collusion story.

We are having poll after poll tirelessly show us folks of all political affiliations are starting to feel that most every aspect of the nation is heading in the wrong direction.

America’s biggest foreign threat remains China. George Soros has repeatedly been warning US Politicians about the lurking problems.

Biden unexpectedly coerced the Aussies into a nuclear submarine deal between the USA and the UK. This shocked the French who had plans in place to work with the Aussies. We frustrated France so much with the unexpected agreement that they’ve actually recalled their ambassador from America.

Recently, we’ve learned the Hunter Biden laptop is definitively true, as the story was confirmed beyond any doubt by Politico. This is the same story Twitter CEO admitted he censored ahead of the election.

Inflation is rising at record rates, and the only Democrat in Washington that seems to care is Joe Manchin. He is expressing serious concerns about passing a party-line spending bill totaling a massive $3.5 trillion dollars. Pelosi, and most every other ranking Democrat remains hell bent on passing the bill.

Joe Manchin is clearly the most important man in Washington. The voting bill that failed earlier this year has been somewhat stripped down in hopes of appeasing him to pass it. This would also result in him agreeing to change the filibusterer rules, despite his own constituents not wanting him to do so.

On top of all of this, we are currently watching Biden shun reporters and refuse to take questions. The most incredible display of this occurred when the UK Prime Minister was sitting directly next to President Biden and took three questions from the British media. Biden refused to take any, setting off a firestorm of media correspondents airing their frustrations with the administration.

At what point do people wake up to this and start to care?


One thought on “What Is Going On?

  1. So true Phillip! This Administration is ruining our country for sure. And where is our Vice President? In Asia? Ridiculous!!
    I pray for all the people left in Afghanistan now at the mercy of the Taliban!! 🙏🙏🙏


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