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Your weekly recap for Politics, Entertainment, Business, Sports and Global Events. Also, Trumps Tweets.


  • Trump & Iran

Expect oil prices to rise. Well, maybe. Trump and his administration are officially ramping up sanctions against Iran. The Trump Administration, and allies in the Middle East have a lofty goal of crippling Iran’s oil exports to zero. The US, along with Middle Eastern allies intend to make up for the lack of supply. 

  • Elizabeth Warren

Warren is running a presidential campaign with a clear strategy. Throw every policy proposal imaginable at the wall and see what sticks. This week we heard her plan at tackling student loan debt.

Kudos to Senator Warren for trying, however, the proposal is likely illegal. Second, can any politician get creative and think outside of the box? It seems as if every policy we hear is some sort of a Robin Hood scheme. 

  • Robert Mueller

MSNBC found themselves in hot water when a reporter tracked down Mr. Mueller as he was walking out of his Easter Sunday mass. 

  • Joe Biden

Joe Biden made it official. He, along with nearly thirty others, will be running for the Democrat nomination. It is easy to say Joe likely wins the nod based on his name recognition, but a field this crowded is uncharted territory. Everyone is trying to be Trump, but no one can replicate him.

It is going to be survival of the fittest. Who can amass the most money, and who has the most endurance? The combo of both likely wins it. Right now, it seems as if the final three will be Kamala Harris (money), Bernie Sanders (money + following), and Joe Biden (name recognition). Hard to make a case for anyone else.

  • Trump’s Tweets

Trump went on an epic, Tuesday morning Twitter rant against his favorite target – THE FAKE NEWS MEDIA AND NEW YORK TIMES. Anyways, he fired off thirteen in a row at his favorite piñatas. Shocked, right?

Speaking of Twitter… news broke late Tuesday that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey met with President Trump at the White House.


  • Bankrupt Lady Gaga

Pretty crazy revelation from Lady Gaga came out this week. She quietly went bankrupt soon after she rose to fame. This is an all too familiar story with success, but at least we have a happy ending… for now

  • Ariana Grande

Grande didn’t bring back *NSYNC (without Justin Timberlake) during her week two set at Coachella. Instead, she brought (newly retired) Bieber on stage to close out the festival in the desert.

  • Avengers: Endgame

One of this year’s most highly anticipated films debuted on Thursday, but #DontSpoilTheEndgame!

  • Beyoncé

Lemonade was released and as always, Beyoncé’s incredibly loyal fans lost their minds. Next up, Taylor Swift brings the heat with new material.

  • Jeopardy!

The Holzhauer watch. You have to watch. He’s unlike anything the show has seen before. He has won over $1,000,000 already! Ken Jennings said he roots for him, while Holzhauer says he wants to go against him. Let’s be honest. Holzhauer just wants the paycheck he’ll get if he competes against Jennings. The check is so he can feed his compulsive gambling addiction. You can already hear the ESPN 30 for 30 lead in

“What if I told you a man would win $2,000,000 on Jeopardy! and lose it all in one year in Vegas sports books?”

The house always wins.


  • Tesla Drama

It seems as if Elon Musk cannot stay away from bad press.

That was Monday. This is Tuesday.

Musk couldn’t stop there. After showing up 48-minutes late to his own investors conference he decided to take to Twitter to fight with a journalist.

  • Boeing … Week Six

Speaking of companies that cannot stay from bad press, Boeing is again wrapped up in negative headlines. Just when it looked like the company was turning a corner, The New York Times published a hit piece on production of their Dreamliner Jet.

The company reported earnings later in the week and rose on this news. Wall Street doesn’t think or react the way you do. Always remember that.

  • Amazon Music

Look out Spotify – Amazon is coming!

  • The Federal Reserve

Trump couldn’t get enough Republican support for Herman Cain, and subsequently had to pull his nomination for his Federal Reserve Governor appointee. I guess free Godfather’s pizza wasn’t a good enough bribe.

  • Samsung Galaxy

Remember when the Galaxy was rolled out a few years back and the phone subsequently had exploding batteries? Well, it seems poor rollouts is something Samsung cannot avoid. This time the company debuted their $2,000 foldable phone, however, early adopters quickly reported struggles with the phone. A lot of reports claimed the phone broke soon after.

  • Social Security & Medicare

America, we have a problem. We have no money. We’re broke. Social Security and Medicare will run out of money soon unless Congress acts. So, Social Security and Medicare will run out of money, and Congress will just investigate how it happened.

  • Twitter

Check out the new update from Twitter with regard to their quarterly earnings.

  • Drug Stores

It has been a tough year for CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid, and things have continued to get worse. Why? Well, they are battling two fronts. Front number one is prescription drug costs. Democrats have their eyes set on reducing the cost, and it is likely something Trump and Republicans will agree on. Front number two is the FDA and e-Cigarettes. The FDA has clamped down on usage among minors, and we saw this headline in response to the pressure.

  • T-Mobile

The mobile carrier has a fleet of low income clients struggling with credit, and T-Mobile shocked many with this announcement. Expect others to follow suit.

  • Stock Market

The US Market is on fire and continues to rally. The S&P 500, and NASDAQ both eclipsed their all time highs this week that were hit back in September of last year.


  • NHL Playoffs

The first round is officially over, but not after has three game sevens! 

First – Boston ousted Toronto … The Drake curse lives on

Second – San Jose ousted Vegas in a game and series that you can look at three different ways

A – It was a stunning series of highs and lows that ended in a remarkable game seven third period, and overtime. The Knights blew a 3-1 series lead, as well as a 3-0 lead with ten left in the third. Props to San Jose

B – It was a travesty of a call that destroyed the forgone conclusion, which was Vegas moving on. The penalty shouldn’t have been called. The rule must be changed going forward. Calling a 5-minute major in such a crucial moment needs to be reviewed, and there has to be a middle ground.

C – Vegas, but more importantly, Marc Andre Fleury, blew the series. He conceded the short-handed overtime winner in game six, as well as FOUR straight goals in FOUR minutes, plus the overtime series winner. Shame on Vegas.


Third – D.C. blew it, too. So, let’s recap. The number one seeds from the east and west are out. The Stanley Cup teams from last year are out. The prior years champions are out (Pittsburgh). THIS WAS ALL IN THE FIRST ROUND. Oh by the way, Nashville and Winnipeg are out.

  • NBA Playoffs

The first round is (almost) officially over. We’re just waiting on Denver and San Antonio to figure out who gets the chance to lose to Portland. Damian Lillard put on an absolute clinic, rallied his team from behind, and scored the game winner at the buzzer. Also, the shot was practically from half court. Unreal. The celebration face afterwards was even greater.

Aside from that, as expected there were zero upsets in the always predictable first round.

Now, the Warriors will host Houston in what should be a thrilling, and long series. Philly heads to Toronto to take on the Raptors. Boston will head to Milwaukee. A lot of potential drama.

  • NFL Draft

This may be the most boring draft in recent memory. Not much to talk about when almost every relevant player is on the defensive side of the ball. No QB drama, or offensive star power. Sorry Kyler Murray, but you aren’t interesting.

  • Luke Walton & Sexual Assault

Luke Walton has been #MeToo’d. Here are some of the details from the police report.

Global Events

  • Sri Lanka Christian Massacre

Easter Sunday brought the world a chilling display of pure evil. The evil was carried out by a local group in Sri Lanka comprised of Extremist Muslims. The attack was targeted, carefully calculated, and killed over 300 people, and rising.

First, the motive. Here is what we know so far. We know the group targeted three Catholic Churches on Easter Sunday. We know they timed the bombs to detonate during mass. We know the group targeted four hotels that typically house wealthy, Western tourists.

This is similar to the targeted coordinated attacks carried out in Mumbai back in 2008. It is important to note that the attack in Mumbai killed 174, whereas Sri Lanka has already eclipsed 300.

Below, you’ll see early reports are this was retaliation for the recent attack in Christchurch. Many experts on the matter have quickly disputed this intelligence. Why? Christchurch was March 15, and it seems highly unlikely that an attack this sophisticated, and this coordinated could have been put together that fast. Also, reports of the Islamic State taking credit are being questioned as well. 

There is a lot more to dissect. For one, the media, and in particular ranking Democrats seemed unwilling to call a spade a spade. For example, Obama and Hillary couldn’t mention the attack targeted Christians/Catholics. Instead, the phrase ‘Easter Worshiper’ was concocted.

There is an obvious denial from Democrats that Christians, and Catholics in particular, were targeted and massacred by Islamist terrorists. It important to understand what happened on CNN on the Monday following the Easter Sunday attacks. CNN hosted five Democrat candidates. Senator Amy Klobuchar (MN), Senator Elizabeth Warren (MA), Senator Bernie Sanders (VT), Senator Kamala Harris (CA), and Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana.

This was the result …

It is important to note that Bernie Sanders did say that even the Boston Marathon terrorist bomber should be offered the right to vote. He murdered three people, but Senator Sanders went out of his way to tell the country he should vote. However, he had no time to discuss the murders of over 300 ‘Easter Worshippers,’ which include American tourists.

Furthermore, Senator Kamala Harris said “we should have the discussion” when Don Lemon asked her the exact same question about the Boston Marathon bomber being able to vote. Again, she didn’t want to discuss the murders of over 300 ‘Easter Worshippers.’

Next, it is scary to let one’s mind wander, however, what if this is the beginning of something bigger? We have feared a new version of ISIS would sprout up, the same way Al Qaeda and the Taliban had their own starting places. Let us hope that this was an isolated, horrific event. The world has only recently begun to move on from the horror ISIS committed all over the world. 

It is beginning to seem like houses of worships are continually becoming the new soft target, regardless of which religion. New Zealand, Pittsburgh, and now Sri Lanka have targeted all three of the world’s most popular monotheistic religions – Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.

Finally, take a look at this horrible headline out of Denmark regarding the attacks.

National Events

  • The Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny got caught on camera in Orlando, and the video is the best thing you’ll see all week. Check it out here.

    Dallas Floods

Take a look at this picture out of Dallas courtesy of heavy rains. The lower level of the airport’s parking garage flooded.


‘Entirely Scientific’ Prediction Meter

Because, why not?

1. Chance of Impeachment = 4%

Up 2% from last week

2. Chance Trump wins reelection in 2020 = 49%

Up 4% from last week

3. Most likely Democrat contender = Joe Biden


4. Chance Howard Schultz runs as an Independent? = 80%

Down 10% from last week

5. Chance the Golden State Warriors repeat = 15%

Up 5% from last week

7. Chance that Captain America dies in Avengers: Endgame = 100%

Unchanged (We’re losing Iron Man, as well)

8. Chance of a US Recession in 2019 = 10%

Down 5% from last week

9. NBA Champ

Toronto Raptors over Portland Trailblazers

10. NHL Champ

Islanders over San Jose (Change from Vegas)

History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme. -Mark Twain


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