Long Recap

Shinzo Abe was assassinated. And, the media did a classic job of showing their incompetence. You had the Today Show display flags of South Korea. NPR, the AP, and ABC immediately described the leader with Nazi euphemisms. It’s a shame when someone from the right succumbs to a tragedy that media outlets dance on the grave for one final cheap shot. Abe was a transformative leader when it pertains to his economic policy, as well as his diplomatic ties. Yes, he enacted monetary decisions that will prove incorrect, but when one understands the debt and demographic issues plaguing Japan, he didn’t have much of a choice. May he Rest In Peace.

TikTok is again in the news for the obvious, yet everyone still turns a blind eye to it. The app is Chinese spyware. There is no denying it. And, yet again we have documentation proving it. BuzzFeed released recordings showing what’s going on behind the scenes. This proves the company is not adhering to their promise that they (the Chinese) are not misusing the data of American citizens. No one should be on the app. The app should be entirely removed from America.

More Hunter Biden laptop material continues to drip out. This time we’ve seen how Hunter feels about his stepmom, Dr. Jill Biden. Whoa. He had some remarkably choice words to say. You can read about them here if you’d like.

The January 6 show trial has continued, despite most everyone in America sharing a collective feeling of caring less about this topic. The Democrats are desperate to take down Trump and try to score a distracting victory in the process, yet no one is taking the bait. It barely registers on polls, and one needs to simply ask this question. If the committee had a huge smoking gun criminally connecting Trump to this tragic event, why would they have waited over a year and a half to release it?

Our president gave an astounding speech covering everything from Woe v Wade, Japan experiencing their first death from a gun in its history, and a president who should be auditioning for Ron Burgundy in Anchorman 3. It’s so bad, one will likely think it’s a deep fake.

The tides seem to be turning as it pertains to major US cities and their soft-on-crime stance. The AG of San Francisco was ousted in a recall a few weeks back. The AG of LA is next in line to face his day at the polls. And in light of what transpired in NYC this week, it’s likely that NYC’s AG will be on the ropes in due time. First, back to SF. This week the mayor replaced the ousted soft-on-crime AG with a polar opposite. She is a prosecutor. This, believe it or not, was something her predecessor was not! She quit his office out of dissatisfaction. And, she intends to prosecute offenders of the law. What a concept! With regard to NYC, the pendulum may have finally turned. A bodega worker was assaulted, and while defending himself, he killed the assailant. Amazingly, he’s been charged with murder. The mayor of NYC is publicly chastising the move, and it appears another soft-on-crime AG is on the ropes. This was an admirable experiment, but unfortunately, it’s utterly backfired. The failures to prosecute crime in most major cities will go down as a laughable solution when looked at decades from now by a new generation.

A lesser known story that’ll fly under the radar but should be known is what happened at the Department of Homeland Security this week. Two agents were charged with misusing their access to sensitive data about American citizens. They were recruited by agents of the Chinese Communist Party. The DHS agents were providing sensitive information they had regarding Chinese dissidents that the communist party wanted to track and monitor. One could create a laundry list of instances like this where we’ve caught the Chinese actively misusing our data for their spying benefits.

The Biden administration consistently says they’re doing everything they can to bring down the cost of oil. Well, apparently not everyone agrees. A Democrat Rep from CA went on Fox News and provided a solution. He states we should be banning exports of our oil. He’s spot on. Prior to this comment, a staffer misused the Biden Twitter account to publicly call out gas stations across the country. Little known fact. Every gas station is owned and operated by a small business owner. And, every gas station has higher profit margins on their candy bars than they do their gasoline. This resulted in Jeff Bezos publicly calling out the administration. Finally, a shocking report from Reuters came out proving that the Biden administration is actually exporting our barrels of oils that we are releasing from our emergency use Strategic Petroleum Reserve. We’re releasing about 1 million barrels a day. So far, Reuters has detected 5 million barrels have been shipped out of the US. In fact, some of these barrels have been sent to China, as well as India. It’s important to note both of these countries are still purchasing oil from Russia, to which we, and most of Europe, are banned from doing.

A bizarre report was unearthed from 2018 showing just how armed the IRS is. There are 2,148 agents in the IRS that are armed. They have 4,461 weapons (guns). They have over 5,000,000 rounds of ammunition for these weapons. And, allegedly the IRS has recently purchased over $700,000 worth of additional ammunition in recent days. Why?


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