What Is Happening

What the hell is going on in America? Sure, it’s an election year, and things were supposed to get wacky, but this is insanity. And, to think we still have nearly a hundred days left. A lot of folks think it will subside post-election. That seems tough to believe at this moment. For one, the anarchists will either become more enraged with yet another Trump victory, or they’ll become emboldened with a Biden win. We also need to realize that the election is highly unlikely to be decided in early November. We can expect the courts to rule on its outcome. Once this happens, it’s certainly not going to sit well with the loser. By the way, we’re still battling the virus, and all of the offshoots this presents. Finally, the trial for George Floyd is certainly going to bring about more chaos once the jury decides the fate of the four officers.

It has been a very busy week for headlines, and you’ve likely had a few go over your head. Let’s recap.

Chinese Atrocities

The heinous acts committed by the Chinese government against the Uyghur Muslims has come to light across major media outlets. The communist government is behind the forced roundup of the Muslims. Many of them are sent to forced labor camps where they are surrounded by guards and barbed wire. A few stats came to light with the release of a huge report this week. One in five garments worldwide is believed to have been produced in this region using the slaves. A laundry list of companies involved has been released, including Nike, Patagonia, Costco, Amazon, and Gap. The conclusion rendered is that it is virtually impossible to assume you don’t have something that a slave in this region of China made against his will.

The US and EU are getting involved. They began the process of officially calling out China as well as the complicit companies. They have started to blacklist suppliers that major companies use who are known to be associated with the slave labor. This is a start, but we have a long way to go.

  • China needs sanctions, and must explain to the world why this is happening. It is the largest forced roundup of a religious group since the Holocaust. Entirely unacceptable.
  • Companies not only need to disassociate themselves from these suppliers immediately, but they must explain how they didn’t know about this. In fact, these companies should have to prove they didn’t know, and if they cannot do so, they should face charges.
  • We, the consumers, must demand more from brands we are supposed to trust.

If you’d like to learn more on this topic…

  • Here is the Australian report that came out in early March.
  • You can watch the cringe-worthy interview on BBC with a top Chinese official trying to explain his way out of the controversy.
  • You can view the leaked drone footage showing the slaves sent away on trains to their work camps.
  • The New York Times came across leaked documents from the Chinese Communist Party. Here, you can read about the inner workings of the process from top officials, including Emperor Xi.
  • Here is Nike and Patagonia telling their American consumers to do better with racial injustice while they used Muslim slaves to make their clothing so they can have better profit margins.

Joe Biden

The debates that the American public are promised each election season might be in jeopardy. The first debate has already been changed citing coronavirus. The University of Notre Dame was supposed to host the first debate but backed out. The debate has now been moved to Ohio.

In related news, Trump went on Fox’s Sunday morning show two weeks ago to speak with Chris Wallace. Trump didn’t mince his words, and hit Biden with countless personal attacks. Wallace has since asked Biden to come on and explain his response to Trump in person. Biden, like Clinton in 2016, has refused to dignify Trump with a reply.

This matters because the New York Times, and Washington Post have each penned opinion pieces suggesting Biden doesn’t debate Trump. They claim Trump lies too much, and without ‘fact-checkers’ present to explain the truth behind what Trump says, they believe Biden would be in an unfair disadvantage.

This is all part of a bigger plan the Democrats and their colleagues in the media hope to carry out. Biden has cognitive impairments. You can’t miss it when you watch him go off script for a few minutes. A 90-minute debate with one of the fiercest opponents imaginable would throw Biden right off his rocker. His camp knows this, and they know that the lead they enjoy would rapidly disintegrate. The American public would see a frazzled, disheveled candidate, and trust in him would quickly erode. As of now, don’t expect the debates to take place in the way we have grown accustomed to seeing them. Expect Biden’s camp to push for a virtual town hall where questions are posed to each candidate ahead of time, so readied replies can be read aloud from a prompter.

Democratic National Convention

Police unions all across the country have often supported Democrats in elections. This year it seems likely that will change. Furthermore, officers tasked with keeping the convention goers safe in Milwaukee were told they cannot carry certain items like pepper spray. This led the police force in Milwaukee to back out from protecting the event.

Speaking of Milwaukee, a heartbreaking story unfolded this week. A 60-year old black man, known for his pro-Trump posters, candid pro-religious signs, and BLM support was shot and killed. A motive is still under investigation, but a black suspect is believed to be the culprit.

Hydroxychloroquine Censorship

Hydroxychloroquine is in the news, but for all the wrong reasons. The drug Trump has touted to work, was backed up by an impromptu press conference in D.C. hosted by doctors. The video was shared by Trump Jr., who was soon locked out of his account because the post deemed inappropriate by Twitter. Videos were taken down across all major social media platforms. This includes Twitter, YouTube, and Google. Why is big tech relentless in censoring this? In less than 24 hours it became nearly impossible to find the videos of the doctors touting their first-hand experience, and subsequent success with the drug our President has taken, and tens of thousands in our military take on a daily basis.

A question was raised by one doctor from the summit that it could be due to the cost. The drug is cheap, whereas the vaccines are going to be pricey, and subsequently, wildly profitable for drug companies. Take for instance Moderna who said their vaccine will cost sixty dollars per dose. Supporting her case, the New York Times published a piece highlighting all of the profits executives have made from their stock options. Companies producing the vaccines that we will be required to take are skyrocketing, and executives have been gobbling up more of their shares ahead of news, and selling it at astronomically high values, making them millionaires overnight.

Now, a Republican lawmaker from Texas has come down with coronavirus. He announced he will be taking the cocktail Trump touted, but Fauci disagrees with. We will see soon enough how he progresses.

Goldman Sachs

One of the highest profile cases dealing with financial crimes has been going on for over a year now, but most everyone has had no idea. Yes, it is a complicated story, and it doesn’t technically involve Goldman Sachs stealing from the US Government. However, rogue bankers of the Wall St bank colluded with Malaysian officials to embezzle hundreds of millions of dollars from the Malaysian Government. They used the stolen money for their own personal slush fund. Huge compliance blunders from Goldman resulted in charges being filed against the firm for negligence. They were unable to monitor the wrongdoings of their own employees. Sounds like 2008 all over again.

The case was settled this week for nearly $4 billion dollars. The fine is peanuts for a company that grossed over three times that amount last quarter in revenue. In turn, the company decided to celebrate. Their CEO is a DJ. Yes, you just read that right. The CEO hosted a raging party out in Southampton over the weekend. And, he was the DJ. The party sold parking spots up to $25,000 a piece. Video of the Chainsmokers performing showed the nearly 2,000 party goers breaking all sorts of coronavirus ordinances. No masks, no social distancing. Governor Cuomo is pissed. He will be investigating, and we’ll see what happens. It’s an unbelievable display of callousness by the most egotistical company in America. Pure pompousness, despicable behavior.

New York City

Mr. Mayor is blaming Republicans for 22,000 city employees he will need to fire due to him mismanaging his budget. DiBlasio claims that unless Republican lawmakers in D.C. offer him a bailout to replenish his budget, he’ll have no choice but to go forward with mass layoffs. Odd how a budget that was misappropriated for years, worsened by a public health crisis that he botched, is now suddenly the fault of Republicans in Washington.

Military Recruitment

AOC wants to cut funding from the Pentagon’s budget. What part? She wants to hurt their recruiting budget. She believes that the military is unfairly targeting minorities, and low-income teens through video games, like Twitch. Because, according to AOC, only minorities and low-income teens play video games? Also, what’s the big deal if these ‘less privileged individuals’ have the opportunity to better their lives through use of the US Armed Forces. The good news is her baseless claim was rejected by her own peers in the House soon after she put it to a vote.

Major City Violence

The violence in major cities is off the charts, and somehow, people foolishly still believe we have ‘peaceful protests’ talking about George Floyd and racial injustice. No way. Read what the black San Francisco Mayor said! Woke whites are hijacking this movement. Or, you can phrase it the way Trump says, and call them anarchists from Antifa.

Because of the violence, and poor responses from city leaders, things are rapidly worsening. Seattle officers can no longer use pepper spray or tear gas prompting the Seattle police chief to write the Seattle citizens she serves that she will no longer send her officers into harms way. Chicago police showed what happened at Grant Park two weeks ago from drone footage overhead. You can clearly see the anarchists charge the officers, and then drop brick-like objects on the ground for the protesters to chuck at the officers. The violence resulted in 49 officers being injured. In Portland, violence continues to rage, resulting in three Federal officers being shot in the eyes with lasers from the anarchists. They are likely permanently blind.

Wake up. This isn’t about ‘Black Lives Matter’ anymore. This is a coordinated effort by a small group of anarchists capitalizing on a crisis to sow the seeds of chaos into the fabric of our nation. But, ranking Democrat Jerry Nadler still has the gall to call this a myth.

Church & The Supreme Court

Churches got denied from our nation’s highest court. In Nevada, church attendance is capped at 50 people. The case alleged that they should be treated like Nevada casinos where attendance is capped at 50% occupancy. The Supreme Court deemed the move legal. So, churches in Nevada might as well put a craps table inside, and then they will be allowed to let more worshipers in.

Chief Justice John Roberts was the swing vote. The Bush appointee has often sided with the four liberal justices as of late. This has happened a few times in the history of the nation’s high court. Republican and Democrat Presidents have grown frustrated with their appointed justices as they interpret law different from what they hoped for at the time of their appointment. It seems as if the Democrats have a good ally in Roberts going forward. The court is practically tilted in the direction of liberals these days.


Aliens exist. The History Channel came out with an incredible six-episode series titled ‘Unidentified.’ The documentary focused on government, and military coverups. It highlighted three videos the Navy turned over to the public. The videos were all shot by active duty officers via their military aircraft. The documentary tracked down those involved in filming the ‘unexplained aerial phenomena.’ Last week, a top ranking astrophysicist working with the US government confirmed that the US is in possession of vehicles not made on this earth.

Also, the AATIP program is back on. This is the internal government group that tracks and investigates unexplained events. It was this program that brought us the three videos, but it was cut due to the budget. Finally, the Navy began a new program that will present the findings to lawmakers, and the public, every 180 days. These events highlighted in film are proof that something is among us not from our government, or any other government on Earth.


Sports are in trouble. Especially team sports not using ‘bubbles.’ The NBA is the only league fully submerged into a specific area for play. This league has the best chance of survival through these difficult times. Really, unless someone sneaks off and infects the bubble on his return, or an on-site employee slips through the testing cracks, the NBA should make it to the finish line. Hockey is close to this, but has three host cities, unlike one for basketball. Also, hockey is giving their players a tad more mobility in comparison.

Baseball is traveling all around, and the Marlins allegedly broke protocols, which has spread like wildfire into other organizations, like the Phillies, Braves, and Yankees. It’s looking like the league is going to need to reverse their course, or they’re likely going to see it falter.

For other team sports, like NFL and college football, you have to imagine they are petrified at what has transpired with baseball. It seems that these leagues have to do what the NBA did, or they aren’t getting off the ground.

Medical Supply Chains

Great news for American supply chains, and companies producing future products here at home. It is no secret that the US is too reliant on China. We realized this through the pandemic when a ton of medical supplies got hung up in short supply. This week, Kodak got money from the government to expand their pharma capabilities in an effort to rid our reliance on foreign governments for valuable medical products. We can only hope this trend continues.


Seattle Humor

Here’s the you can’t make this up story for the week. A Seattle radio host was originally mocking the ‘violence’ in Seattle he believed to be fake. Now, his local Starbucks got destroyed, and suddenly he wants a gun. Check out the history of his tweets here. Hilarious!

Epstein & Maxwell

Documents were unsealed and dropped this week. It’s just the tip of the iceberg, but it looks like the names we expected to see made appearances all over the docs. Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew are spread throughout. Clinton is mentioned to be with ‘two young girls’ in what seems to be the most damning line of the doc drop. Trump comes up, but as someone who was around at times before severing friendship. It is also mentioned that he did not partake in the illicit activities.

Conspiracy Theories

Finally, the lets take a trip down the rabbit hole. Two weeks ago, child sex trafficking at Wayfair came to the forefront. So much so, that the company issued a statement denying the claims. Well, for months now, the Internet has attached Ellen, Oprah, and Tom Hanks to child sex trafficking. This week brought us a few interesting stories with all three of them. Ellen’s home was burglarized, and now NBC is investigating claims of workforce misconduct on her show. Oprah changed the way her magazine operates. Hanks got citizenship to Greece. The interesting thing about Greece is that pedophilia is classified as a disability there.


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