Over It

I am over it.

I am over being told.

I am over being told my country suffers from systemic racism.

I am over being told that because I was born white, I have been rewarded with ease just because of my skin color.

I am over being told that if I mope around and explain my frustration with any situation that I am an out-of-touch individual who’s flaunting my privilege.

I am over being led to believe that if I don’t necessarily agree with anything the mob tells me to agree with that I am subsequently a bad person.

I am over having to explain support for one Donald Trump, and then after explaining my rationale, I remain in the same position with the person interrogating me.

I am over having to explain my Catholic faith and love for the religion.

I am over watching athletes who are paid more than I will ever make in my life raise awareness instead of simply entertaining us via the game they are compensated to play.

I am over listening to celebrities bloviate about stuff they hardly know anything about. Especially when they have been out of touch with the actual daily struggles of life for most of their lives.

I am over listening to a media that explains to me everything horrible under the sun while subsequently pedaling their own agendas to drive up viewership and ad revenue that follows.

I am over seeking out the truth and facts when they hardly matter in the first place because if you oppose the fact then it’s not truth.

I am over tech companies censoring things that don’t align with the views their top executives and employees share.

I am over fancy phrases, slogans, and catch phrases that divide us instead of unite us.

I am over companies marketing departments pumping out ads, tweets, and emails explaining to me what they stand for and support when a business is meant to be an entity providing me a good or service when I offer them compensation.

I am over people on social media who call attention to the causes they care about as if that’s the only thing that matters and now I must educate myself to their viewpoints or face the consequence of being judged.

I am over political leaders who use fear to acquire power.

I am over a horrible education system.

I am over educators who prefer indoctrination over delivering informative facts.

I am over educators who don’t trust their pupils to freely think for themselves.

I am over parents having kids and not assuming the responsibility to educate and raise a loving, open-minded, rational adult.

I am over people who want others to fix their problems instead of having the courage and steadfastness to make their lives better for themselves.

I am over people acting as if their post on social media is making a difference.

I am over people who are all talk and no action.

I am over people who relentlessly claim they are the victim.

I am over people who want all the luxuries with none of the work.

I am over people who don’t listen.

I am over people who never shut up, including those keyboard warriors on social media.

I am over talking with walls.

I am over politicians who champion certain causes over others simply because their party and lobbyists allow them to think certain ways versus being an independent, free thinking adult who represents the constituents that elected them.

I am over feeling like I didn’t use the correct pronoun.

I am over feeling that if I don’t say, write, or do certain things that strangers feel I am obligated to do that I can be labeled certain words and carry them around like a Scarlet Letter.

I am over watching cities burn, looters steal, and rioters fight while they selfishly capitalize on a crisis.

I am over having to explain myself or my values.

I am over being told that one situation means everyone associated with the event is guilty.

I am over greedy hypocrites continually getting away with financial crimes while average Americans regardless of the color of their skin struggle to make ends meet.

I am over having to disguise patriotism because I may offend someone.

I am over ignorant people who foolishly believe they can paint an accurate picture of a stranger based on one or two stereotypes they immediately branded via ones appearance.

I am over not being able to go to church.

I am over everything and everyone having to be labeled, and subsequently those labels carry beliefs that are not shared by everyone wearing the label.

I am over having to wear a mask because if I don’t I could supposedly kill someone.

I am over being told some lives matter more than others.

I am over people talking on behalf of others, including those who feel entitled to speak on behalf of an entire race, especially those who aren’t even part of said race.

I am over hearing that some cures for COVID-19 can’t be used, while others can.

I am over politicizing a virus.

I am over being told that I’ll eventually need to take a vaccine for an illness that has barely killed anyone in my demographic.

I am over being told that the vaccine I’ll be forced to take hasn’t been tested over time, and the producer of the vaccine will face zero liability if the vaccine causes me adverse effects.

I am over being labeled a conspiracy theorist if I say something that an opposing media outlet deemed fake through use of their godlike fact checkers.

I am over banks charging double digit interest rates on credit card debt while offering savers zero interest on balances held at their institution.

I am over any company who acts like they have my back or best interest when at the end of the day all the company wants is my dollar.

I am over being told the stock market represents Americans.

I am over everyone getting bailouts.

I am over monopolies and companies that are worth more than GDPs of entire countries when our government was supposed to protect us from this out-of-control version of capitalism.

I am over people not understanding economics.

I am over people not being able to interpret statistics.

I am over people who get away with crimes because of their wealth and social status.

I am over everything being an issue that needs to be discussed and debated and fixed immediately because, after all, it’s a crisis.

I am over people who listened to one podcast or watched one YouTube short and now are experts on a subject.

I am over not being allowed to complain because someone’s life is worse than mine.

I am over watching people jump to conclusions without even having the slightest clue as to what actually transpired.

I am over everyone thinking in black and white instead of we are humans who deserve life and liberty.

I am over people trying to re-educate others on the history of America just because they need to sow their particular narrative.

I am over a virus that’s been handled wrong top to bottom from the start.

I am over people focusing on one or two issues that the media or politicians told us to focus on.

I am over having to bite my tongue because a belief I have may offend someone who’s incapable of hearing a disagreeing viewpoint.

I am over watching people kick and scream to get their way.

I am over people who only read the headline instead of reading the entire article.

I am over being scared.

I am over journalists refusing to investigate and instead commentate as if what they opine is fact.

I am over journalists not even trying to disguise their blatant biases.

I am over being unable to think of the future and plan exciting things to look forward to

I am over hypocrites.

I am over people being offended.

I am over being told I need to conform.

I am over people sensationalizing everything.

I am over discussing politics with anyone, whether they agree or disagree with me.

I am over everyone saying we have to fix and change a seemingly unending list of shit.

I am over people who speak in eloquent tropes and use robust vocabularies to justify an argument by ways of superfluous indignation. Just like that.

I am over people who make life out to be one that we live in a perpetual state of crisis filled with bombshells.

I am over having to work from my house.

I am over everyone’s bull shit.


13 thoughts on “Over It

    1. I understand the frustration. Go to right wing forums and see that they so easily say: “blacks on welfare have such an easy life”, “China stole our wealth”, “liberal professors destroyed our universities”, “liberal teachers ruined our kids”, “dems cheat on elections”, “dems love rioters”, “liberals have no common sense”, “global warming is a hoax”, and on and on and on. So if conservatives want less judgement on them, perhaps they give out less judgement on others?????

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  1. I’m totally with you on all of it!!! The left wants to divide the country by race and they are doing a good job of it! The sports teams not playing, riots ect…
    Divide & concur!!

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  2. I couldn’t agree more with you!! Nailed it! I’m sick of the sheeple wearing their stupid masks outside or while driving in their cars?! My only solace is that the American Revolution was only fought and supported by I think 8-10% of the population back then so there is hope….even though it seems the ubiquitous clueless dummy’s are seemingly everywhere. Well done brother!!

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  3. A LOT of us are over being scared for all the reasons you so eloquently list. The problem is that so many people have been so highly propagandized that they honestly can’t think straight; they’re brainwashed. Television is one of the most powerful weapons ever used against humanity.

    Countless numbers of people have been raised to think of themselves as victims for one one attribute or another. Except white, heterosexual, males of course. As we all know by now, they are the only ones who can’t claim some kind of victimhood status, entitlement or privilege under the new rules. It’s kind of obvious where this whole thing has been going…

    Our surreal and dystopian new reality had to be engineered and forced upon us in order to usher in the new world order that the globalist crowd has planned for us. All of us need to get over the very things you list and — in doing so — we’ll be able to shed these psychopaths who seek to control us all. The power is with US as there are a lot more of us than there are of them. We simply need to dispose of fear, start refusing to comply and stop putting up with the insanity. It will be uncomfortable, but it ALL has to be challenged at every opportunity. There truly is strength in numbers — STOP acquiescing and START refusing!!!

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