Common Enemy

You know what unifies people? Turmoil. This is most often seen in the aftermath of a natural disaster.

Americans have been unified since 9/11. You know what can unify America? Another common enemy. You see, for a long time we didn’t have one long after 9/11. Why? The threat was terrorism and not Iraq or Saddam Hussein. The threat was the Taliban but we couldn’t physically see it on a map. The threat was Al Qaeda but we didn’t collectively grow up in school learning about them. Russia

But, there is a nation we all did learn about. Our business teachers told us they’d take over the world as the economic superpower. Our science teachers told us their pollution is most detrimental to society. Our history teachers had the picture up of the lone civilian standing in front of the tanker at Tienanmen Square. That nation is China.

America, it is time to turn our eyes to China and collectively understand that they are the enemy. Not the Democrats. Not the Republicans. Not Hillary. Not Trump. No, instead it is Emperor Xi and his nation of minions he has unjustly controlled for decades in a dystopian fantasy. They parade around the world stage acting as if they’re a capitalistic Mecca when at the core they’re an autocratic regime.

Think of it this way. They have a piñata for all types of Americans. Are you a climate change activist that thinks global warming is the biggest threat. Well, look no further to China and all the pollutants they willingly put into our air each year.

Are you a human rights watcher and one who is concerned about abuse and atrocity to those out of power? Check out what China does to Uighur Muslims on their western border.

Are you a capitalist at heart and understand the trade and currency manipulation China has been committing for decades. How about the fact that China alters the economic numbers they present to the world?

Are you a tech guru who fears cyber security is the world’s greatest threat. Well, take a look at all of the things China does. Equifax

Finally, as of late, just look at what is happening in the nation with regard to the coronavirus. We know little, and that alone should frighten the world. On top of what little we do know, we aren’t being permitted to help or work alongside the Chinese in their progress towards stopping the spread of the virus, and developing a vaccine. What is China hiding that they don’t want us to know? Even the World Health Organization who was shy to publicly bash China’s response, and was once patient to sound the alarm, has now soured on the actions of the nation.

The world must take this seriously. First, it is horrible if more people are being infected than we are being told. The militarization and Orwellian tactics the Chinese are implementing to stop the spread are frightening on their own merit. If this is something you are willing to overlook, you shouldn’t overlook the worrisome history of the virus’ origination. It appears to have been created, or at least accidentally leaked to the public. Either way is bad, and the world can’t tolerate it. This is a tremendous risk to the health of the world. Nations, such as those in Africa are drastically under prepared to battle a dangerous virus like this. Bill Gates said upwards of 10 million people can perish on the continent if coronavirus reaches them.

Why do we know this? The only lab in all of China that studies dangerous pathogens is in Wuhan. This cannot be a coincidence when you have a country that covers two continents comprised of over one billion people. Also, the origins of the virus trace back to Canada, and stem to a researcher in that nation. Well, he was recently found dead in Africa. Finally, China has a recent history of theft with regard to pathogens. Furthermore, the virus embodies similar traits to HIV, which further the odds it was engineered. We also know that the head researcher in Wuhan was obsessed with studying bats and the resistance they have to diseases. Finally, the Chinese government has declined most support from US officials. All of these seem to be too much of a coincidence. Something sinister was going on, but we’ll likely never know.

China plays by their own rules, and it might be time the rest of the world held them in check. It seems they have lost a grip on their own management of their nation. This is a tremendous misstep. It may be the last straw.


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