The Craziness You Missed

Here’s a compilation of stories from this week of wacky things that happened across our country.

Albion College, Michigan

A string of racist messages popped up one day in multiple areas of the dorm stairwell. For two weeks the college struggled to find the culprit. Well, guess what? It was a twenty-one year old black student. Looks like a black student couldn’t find racism, so he made it up himself. Sounds a lot like Jussie Smollett. What’s incredible is how the college decided to respond to the incident when they discovered the findings. Here’s their statement –

We know the acts of racism that have occurred this week are not about one particular person or one particular incident. We know that there is a significant history of racial pain and trauma on campus and we are taking action to repair our community.”

This is entirely false. There was no act of racism. The actions were always about one person, the culprit who faked the crime. The final sentence is just a bunch of PR fluff. Why do they not have the capacity to call it out for what it was?

Washington D.C

The US Intelligence community issued their annual doomsday scenarios. For real. This is a lengthy report the community publishes each year with their top concerns. It’s full of valuable statistics and information. One particular warning catches the eye. They warn of violence carried out under the name of white supremacy. Here’s the data they cite. There have been at least 26 attacks that killed more than 141 people and for dozens of disrupted plots in the West since 2015. Sounds like a lot, right? Let’s look at a comparison. There’s been 170 homicides in Chicago year to date. Oh yeah, of those 170, the overwhelming majority has been black on black crime. But sure, white supremacy is the real threat. Not gang violence in a poorly run Southside Chicago.

The FDA, America

This week, America opted to politicize the vaccine rollout. Our jealous friends across the pond in Europe have been sharing the blueprint for botching a vaccine rollout due to petty nationalistic grievances. America decided to say to Europe, “hold my beer.”

The AstraZeneca jab has been under immense scrutiny in Europe. The blood clots, like J&J in America is the top concern. And, like J&J, it’s primarily occurring in younger adults. Well, the hit job on the AZ jab in Europe has resulted in countries like Denmark permanently banning the use of the vaccine. The data has been reviewed all over the place by countless professionals outside of government. The result is unanimity. They support use of the jab, despite the risks. So, why is it that the AZ jab is under such pressure then? Politics and nationalism that only long withstanding European pride could cause. A conclusion has been speculated that French and German officials are carrying out the hit job on AZ, which is the UK pharmaceutical giant. You remember, the same UK who left the European Union? Well, French pharmaceutical giant Sanofi, and German pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline are close to getting their own vaccines across the finish line. So yes, it’s not about public safety. It’s vaccine nationalism.

What does this have to with America? Six blood clots occurred in nearly seven million dosages. Literally, more people were killed in gender-reveal parties than those who got blood clots after the J&J jab. Like Europe, it appears this was carried out to destroy the credibility of the one-shot vaccine. Pfizer is a massive company with many ties to government officials, including those of which in the FDA and CDC calling the shots. It’s tough to believe that the decision to pause the J&J jab, which subsequently destroys the credibility of the one-shot vaccine, was solely decided on public health concerns alone.

Here’s the main issue. Now, America who was neck and neck with the UK for the second spot in the world (Israel is number one) in terms of vaccinating their citizens, just willingly slowed down their rollout. It’s an incredibly unwise unforced error that will have lasting repercussions. America was already looking at about a quarter of its population refusing to become vaccinated. Well, when you need 75% for herd immunity, we were already on thin ice. Dr Scott Gottlieb, former head of the FDA, now only sees about half of the nation becoming vaccinated in light of this news. Far below the number we need. It’s a shame that we let politics get in the way of public health. But, hasn’t that been the case since the pandemic began fifteen months ago? Remember, ‘stay home for two weeks to flatten the curve.’ Little did we know.

Xinjiang, China

Yet again, another first-hand report from an exiled Chinese individual living in the controversial region has come forward. This is adding to an ever growing list of reports out of the region. We’ve heard about slave labor via work camps from interned Uighur Muslims, forced re-education camps for those caught practicing Christianity, and forced sterilization. This week presented another vividly graphic first-hand account of forced sterilization. The situation out of China is beyond alarming. The accounts of human rights abuse is tallying up at a rapidly expanding pace. Let’s give some credit to the few companies, most recently Nike and H&M, finally saying they won’t use cotton sourced from the troubled region. We’ve yet to hear much from Apple, Disney, Google, Tesla, Starbucks, and sports leagues like the NBA and MLB. It’s very disappointing.

The laughable component of all of this is how China is countering the onslaught of claims. They are actually not denying it but instead pointing the finger back at prior human rights abuses carried out by the West. For example, recently top Chinese officials showed countries like America using enslaved blacks to source cotton as a justification of their actions. They’ve countered the claims of their own racist actions towards Christians and Muslims by speaking out about America’s racist actions towards blacks during the 1800s through the Jim Crow Era. In short, Chinese logic is that they are allowed, in 2021, to use slaves and punish those for their religious beliefs because Western nations did it a century ago. Makes sense, right? What a joke.

Real Estate Boom, USA

One very alarming statistic was uncovered via the National Association of Realtors this week. There are now more realtors than listed homes nationwide. Let that sink in. The demand for a home is clearly off the chart, and the supply is obviously dangerously constrained. There’s a combination of reasons for this. First, cash flushed Americans through a ridiculous amount of stimulus checks, artificially enhanced unemployment checks, and abused government handouts like PPP ‘loans.’ Second, mass migration out of cities into more suburban areas. This is largely due to three issues. High taxation in cities, rising crime, and the work-from-home culture that appears to be going nowhere. The third issue deals with supply. There are two problems here. First, the Bureau of Land Management has not released parcels of land to be developed. Making matters worse, America has incredibly outdated zoning laws for housing. These zoning restrictions aren’t only innately racist, but are wildly reckless.

Finally, we don’t produce products in our country anymore. So, products to build the homes are in very short supply. Global supply chains are backed up from an incredibly bizarre turn of events due to COVID. Far too much demand due to all of the aforementioned issues with cash a-flushed throughout our country, plus a nation that largely consumes and doesn’t produce anymore. This has led to backlogs in the offloading of container ships and incredibly high prices to ship containers from Asian nations, largely China, to America. In fact, demand is so high that nations like China are paying to have empty container ships sent from America back to China to expedite their ability to refill the ship and send supplies back to the states. All in all, this is one incredibly unique economic problem that deserves far more attention.


Remember the Taliban Russia bounty story from the summer? You know, the one where the mainstream media lost its mind and tried to say for the umpteenth time that Trump was Putin’s puppet. This was the story where US Intel, including Trump, knew that Russia was paying the Taliban a bounty to kill American troops. The bulk of the right leaning media was slow to react because, like most Russian stories, this came with anonymous sources. Well, this week the US Intel released their findings on the loosely sourced reporting from the summer. They found it to be fake. So, yet another example of the media jumping through hoops during the Trump administration to create a narrative they liked without fact checking their own reporting beforehand.

Twitter, USA

This week, Project Veritas released a new round of alarming undercover reports from CNN officials. In case you don’t know, James O’Keefe runs Project Veritas. He has done an exceptional job secretly recording left leaning media and politicians over the years admitting to things most of the reporting on the left calls right leaning conspiracies. Before I continue, let me say, I hate this type of gotcha journalism. To me, it’s the scummiest of the scum. But, since we have proof via audio and video, let’s dissect the new drop.

He got CNN editors, producers, and staffers to admit to things surrounding COVID, BLM, Trump, and Matt Gaetz. Here’s a breakdown of the findings. When pressed on COVID, the gentleman being filmed admitted CNN fudged the death numbers higher because ‘fear sells.’ He said they used COVID as much as they could to drive up ratings, and the minute it’s old news, they’re moving onto climate change. They intend to use climate change to scare Americans into believing the doomsday science the same way they did with COVID. He then spoke out about the cozy relationship the network has with BLM. He went onto claim they try their best to help the organization. He spoke about the election. In doing so, he bragged about getting Biden elected. He talked about the mission of the network was to prevent a second term for Trump. He spoke about their tactics and things they’d do. For instance, he mentions how they’d knowingly lie about Trump. One story he highlighted was the video of Trump showing his hands were shaking. He went onto say how they brought on experts to speculate on his poor health. He then spoke about the ways they’d film Biden to show he was younger, and cooler than Biden is. Finally, he mentioned the Matt Gaetz story. Here, he admitted the network, and Democrats, see Gaetz as a rising star, and subsequent threat. He said the network was doing all they could to run with the story and destroy his reputation.

So, what does Twitter have to do with this? Well, as of yesterday Twitter decided to permanently ban O’Keefe and Project Veritas from their platform. But, isn’t Twitter unbiased? Folks on the left dox those on right often. They have users publicly posting addresses, phone numbers, and other sensitive info of right leaning individuals to carry out targeted hits on them all of the time. So, a right leaning activist does it, and he’s sent to expulsion. Twitter isn’t biased though. Uh huh.

Facebook, USA

Speaking of tech censorship, let’s highlight yet another example of their hypocrisy. The New York Post has now had three run ins with the Tech Gestapo in the past year. All three have proven them vindicated. First, Facebook censored The Post early on in the pandemic for citing sources that COVID leaked from a Chinese lab. Well, that’s largely been accepted as fact amongst nearly every credible organization. Then, Twitter infamously banned The Post for the Hunter Biden laptop story. Well, two-weeks ago Hunter himself admitted that laptop could ‘very likely be his.’ He went on to say he was so messed up from the crack induced benders he was committing on a regular basis, that he can’t remember if it is his. It’s his. There’s enough naked photos, drug use, and texts to his Dad that clearly prove it is his. At the time, most of media discredited the story as a Russian disinformation campaign. Sounds like a trend, right? Finally, The Post published a story about one of the founders of BLM, a self proclaimed Marxist, buying a mega mansion in the Malibu hills for well over one million dollars. What’s amazing is Facebook censored the story citing privacy concerns. What’s funny is we the people find out about nearly every famous person’s new home. From the Kardashians, to Miley Cyrus, to politicians like the Obamas, to athletes like A-Rod. We know about all these transactions, and you never see TMZ or People Magazine banned from sharing the story. But, for some odd reason, Facebook doesn’t want you talking about the co-founder of BLM buying a mansion in a neighborhood that is 87% white. Weird flex but OK.

The European Union

Conservatives have largely claimed there is corruption abound in the race to more Green Energy. Well, a new leak from the EU proved their theory this week. This is how the EU classifies green projects. It’s incredibly eye opening.

The European Commission classifies investment in terms of 0%, 40% and 100% green content, and rounds up the numbers to the next higher target. So 1% becomes 40%. 41% becomes 100%.

So, what does this mean? Well, if a green investment can show they are 41% green, then in fact, they are 100% green. This is absolutely stunning. It shows the unbelievable hypocrisy behind the scenes, and the cronyism that takes place to land a green investment government contract. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

This is something that’s taken over US investing here in the states. Investors have largely piled into green ESG investments thinking they are putting their money into environmentally friendly companies. Well, when you peel the onion back, you find the majority of the top holdings are Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft. You aren’t finding actual green initiatives. You’re being duped by fancy and elaborate marketing campaigns.

Louisville, Kentucky

Publishing giant Simon & Schuster has pulled a book that was being penned by an officer who was at the scene of the crime for the Breonna Taylor killing. Now, this is entirely their right as a company. The same applies when they pulled a book penned by sitting US Republican Senator Josh Hawley simply because he supported investigations into the certification of the Electoral College, which according to Simon & Schuster, led to the Capitol insurrection. I also believe it’s appalling for an officer to personally profit from a murder, but again, it’s entirely his right.

Here’s what’s interesting. Is it actually wrong for him to do this? Think of it this way. There are a lot of people profiting from the BLM movement. Hence, we just learned about one in the prior paragraph. Also, Ms. Taylor’s own mother just criticized BLM for profiting off her daughter’s death. While, yes, this man will undoubtedly profit, he’s also sharing his side of the story. Doesn’t the public deserve to know his narrative, or are we simply going to accept the sound bytes and talking points on this highly sensitive case? The truth hurts sometime. But, the truth can also set one free. This is one very complicated dilemma if you ask me. I suppose it shows us the darker side of a free capitalistic society.

Chicago and Minneapolis

Two more officer-involved shootings took place this week. Two results that ended the lives of young Americans at the hand of a cop. Two more times where the outcome was horrible, but the situation that transpired was warranted, in the case of Chicago, or an incredibly unfortunate mistake, in the case of Minneapolis.

First, Chicago. Thirteen year old Toledo did brandish a gun, prior to dropping it. According to the Chief of Police, the teen had a gun, likely dropped it prior to turning his hands towards the cop, but it seems the officer was not aware the weapon was dropped. This led to the one fatal bullet being fired. Toledo later died, and it appears the officer will not be charged as he followed protocol. It’s a tragic ending, however, it begs one to question, why does a thirteen year old have a gun at 3:00AM in the first place?

Second, Minneapolis. The veteran officer was training a new officer when she mistook her taser for a gun, and subsequently fatally shot Wright. She will be charged in the case. Video evidence was immediately released. It was chilling. One can clearly tell she made the worst mistake of her life by her nearly instant reaction when she fired the fatal shot. She will be tried, and the legal system will decide her fate. While Wright had a long standing history of criminal offenses, it undoubtedly doesn’t warrant him being fatally shot by accident. It does, however, show how hyper sensitized these issues are.

There’s been protesting in the town of Brooklyn Center, Minnesota most of the week. But, why? Look, this is a horrible incident. But, it isn’t racist. It isn’t foul play. It is not a ‘bad’ cop. It’s just an absolutely tragic turn of events caused by a drastic mistake. I’m not apologizing for the officer, but I am saying that this shouldn’t result in protesting. However, everyone has the right to assemble if they please.

There have been three intriguing stories from the fallout. First, a city official called for ‘due process’ and was relieved of his duties. The fact that someone wasn’t allowed to simply state the justice system will work its course is troubling. Second, another official referred to the first night’s violence as a riot. Again, he was fired because of his word choice. Well, what’s wrong with calling a group of angry citizens burning buildings and looting establishments a riot? What else is it? A peaceful protest? Finally, Google literally censored search results on their site for ‘Minnesota riot.’ But, why? What is the problem with calling it what it is?


Corporate America, USA

Let’s finish with what’s transpiring in major American companies across the US. The Georgia voting law has them running scared. They’re in a race to show how much they care about voting rights all the sudden. It’s a shame they weren’t in the same rush to talk about their dealings in China and the rights of innocent Muslims and Christians being interned, sterilized, re-educated on their religious views, and used as slaves. But, I digress. What has these companies in such a rush? Even the ACLU chimed in on voter disenfranchisement. It’s also a shame the ACLU only worries about social causes related to left-leaning issues, instead of Civil Liberties being trampled left and right for all Americans through the pandemic. But again, I digress. The ACLU mentioned about 21 million Americans, or 11% do not have IDs. To them, requiring an ID to vote is now disenfranchising these 21 million. But, here’s where it gets funny. It costs about $6.50 to produce an ID. So, since the American government has spent trillions of dollars in the past year to combat COVID, it’s a shame we couldn’t shave off $139 million to allow the states the chance to have the budget to get their residents an ID.

Here’s the cherry on top. Most companies sent a representative to a Zoom conference hosted by current CEOs of Merck and American Express to discuss the looming threat of voter disenfranchising. Again, how is making a voter show an ID disenfranchising the voter? I still don’t understand how this takes away the civil liberties of an individual, and therefore, is racist. I guess buying alcohol, getting on a plane, or receiving a vaccine or COVID test is racist and strips one of their civil liberties as well.

It’s also ironic to see all these corporate heads gather to talk about this issue. Let’s please stop acting that Corporate America is the gold standard of morality in this country. In the past two decades, here’s a short list of the atrocities we’ve seen major US corporations get caught with, or have to fess up to.

Accounting scandals ripping off shareholders. CEOs taking enormous pay packages while also receiving legal protection to claw back their pay in any event of scandals wrecking their company. #MeToo instances at major companies where executives were caught having inappropriate relations with subordinate employees at best, or legitimately forcing employees into uncomfortable sexual assault situations at worse. The use of child labor, sweat shops, and ‘slave’ labor, AKA indentured servitude, to cut margins down and boost profits to maintain their competitive advantage amongst their peers. Illegally tracking high ranking employees who left for their competitors to try and intimidate them. Illegally colluding with competitors to artificially price products in the market. Cutting corners on loan applications, as well knowingly manipulating minorities into loans, and subsequently foreclosing on these individuals when the loan they originated backfired due to the 2008 housing crisis. Illegally tracking consumers, and profiting from their data while telling their users they were keeping their data safe and secure. Knowingly distributing products to consumers that were defective. Knowingly distributing chemicals and pharmaceutical products into the public that the company knew could cause adverse health conditions, such as cancer or addiction. Illegally accepting bribes from D.C. officials to profit from corrupt government contracts. Colluding with government watchdog agencies, such as the FAA, and then knowingly putting customer’s lives at risk by convincing the agency to cut corners or look the other way. Abusing affirmative action protocols to try and act that they are meeting minority hiring quotas, yet data proves year after year, said minorities are not represented on Corporate Boards, or C-Suite roles.

Well, I am sure I am missing countless other examples, but I think you get my drift. Corporations are entities. They have no emotion. Their main job in a capitalistic society is to generate profits for their shareholders. No more, no less. Please Americans, stop asking these corporations to pedal your political beliefs. And, please corporations, stop acting like you’re a political party advancing the political agenda or whatever seems to get you the least amount of blow back. Go back to making your product. Stick to what you’re good at, and Americans, spend more time focusing on the rampant corruption within these corporations, instead of their elaborately curated PR campaigns rope a doping you into thinking they’re on your side. They’re not. They want your money, and they’ll beg, borrow, and steal to convince you they are in it for other reasons. Stop being duped.


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