On An Island

It is dark out there. It can render one despondent. The feeling is a blend of anxiety, fear, and loneliness. Faith is being stress-tested regularly. Faith and confidence in our systems. Our community. Our own selves. It has felt like an uphill battle for many months, and the exhaustion of the climb requires continual perseverance.

A burnout is settling in. A feeling that one can fight no more. The ability to maintain this level of steadfastness through a period is a heavy weight to carry. This is only exacerbated as things continue to drag on, and require a deviation from any previous thought, or prediction of the future. A continual resetting of the hopes and dreams mentally. When will something reopen? When can I do this again? The goalpost is always being moved further away just when we approach the end zone. And, to make the matter worse, it feels as if rules are being changed in the process. The burnout.

The change is happening so fast. Everything seems to be shifting in a new direction almost simultaneously. What we once did requires new actions. New actions brings about new policies. The way we once operated is gone, and possibly not returning. It’s not just virus related. It’s the evolution of so much more. Healthcare, finance, retail, and travel. The technological changes have shifted so many of our routines. It’s a new way to function across our personal and working lives. History doesn’t crawl, it leaps. And, it has just jumped a record.

The change brought on new societal shifts. Suddenly what was once culturally accepted appears to be dead and gone. In fact, it appears that one cannot resist or fight the change. Dissent is not welcomed. Counter culture behavior is no longer applauded. Creativity seems to be silenced.

We can no longer communicate with the masses. Getting likes, comments, or views is not the same. Humans yearn for and need physical affirmation. We need to know if we are on the right track. Someone needs to tell us. Others need to challenge our views. In person conversations are what we desire. We need to know if our views are accepted or disagreed upon. We feel as if we are being misunderstood, and we seek the chance to explain ourselves. We feel as if we are on an island.

The ability to maintain faith is hard right now. The likelihood one can sustain confidence is tough. The desire to hide under a box and avoid this cataclysm of events is strong. But, in times of trouble, it’s paramount to stay true to oneself. Remain principled, and mild mannered. Believe in your foundation. Believe in who you are.

These are testing, trying times. It’s crucial you stay upright, move forward, and avoid being broken. You aren’t on an island. You can handle the change. You are right in your convictions. You can and should maintain your individual identity, and keep your creative imagination. Soon again, you’ll be able to speak in public freely and willfully. Maintain this belief. Don’t let the world change you.


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