A Stateswoman

48 hours ago, the question was why. Why would she do such a thing? This writer prefers to be optimistic, and it feels as if she wants to truly make a difference.

America has been in desperate need of leadership. We’ve gone far too long not having a true statesman within the ranks of our government. Nancy Pelosi is going out on top. She did what few had the courage to do. She traveled to Taiwan and changed the course of history.

Pelosi knows that her career is sunsetting. She will be Speaker for only a few more months, and then a new Republican-controlled Congress will take over. She sees a weak Biden administration that did not have the will to carry out what she wanted to do. She’s clearly viewing information from the infamous laptop. It obviously incriminates the president’s son, and shows that it’s more likely than not that Biden himself has been bought by the Chinese. She took the initiative and opted to travel to Taiwan despite all of the push back. She showed courage when the leader of her party, and all of America for that matter, cowered to the Chinese.

She frustrated most everyone by doing this. In today’s polarized world, that likely means she did something right. Tucker Carlson, as well as the New York Times, both feel her move was a tragic decision. But, history will look back on this moment as the moment China and America elevated their tensions to a level previously unseen. History will show that this was long overdue. America’s eyes were opened to the China problem when Trump initiated the trade war. Nancy made sure our eyes would stay open. American leadership can no longer run from the biggest, most dire threat facing our future. China. The war has been ongoing, but most will look at this visit as an official starting point. And it’ll be OK.


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