Here Comes The Indictment

It began with the special committee. The committee broke with congressional tradition regarding bipartisan representation. This paved the way for two ‘republicans’ who are more opposed to Trump than their Democrat colleagues to join in on the charade. The committee led to a grand jury eighteen months following the event in question. The Department of Justice committed a series of aggressive raids on essentially everyone who surrounded the President. The raids culminated this evening with the revelation that the President’s home had been seized by the feds and searched. The indictment of a former US President is next. The demise of the American government will soon follow. It’s over. We were designed to be a government of the people, by the people, for the people. We couldn’t be further from that at this point.

Most anti-Trump folks only look at Trump through one lens. He’s an evil man who they believe tried to thwart democracy. The irony is that as of January 5, 2021, he didn’t do anything remotely close. They were simply believing the CNN chyrons, the New York Times headlines, the NBC breaking news alerts, and tweets from respective Democrats. In fact, nothing they had claimed was proven true over their four-year tantrum. And, no anti-Trump voter has had their life directly impacted in a negative way due to something Donald Trump had done while president. Then, the calendar turned over to January 6. Remarkably, democracy continued. Biden was soon sworn in. The peaceful transition of power occurred. Yet, twenty months from that day, we are now led to believe that Trump broke the law.

Ask yourself this question. How did no one figure out Trump broke the law in the last six hundred days? And, if Trump did in fact break the law, how are we beginning to find out today about what laws he allegedly broke? Like most everything since March of 2020, when Covid reared its ugly head, nothing makes sense. Regardless of how much you hate Trump, you really need to ask serious questions right now. Why is this happening? What is the endgame? What purpose does this serve? Will you be pleased when we reach the end of the line?

Trump will most certainly be indicted. He will be charged with federal crimes. He will be in cuffs, taken away, and forced to stand trial. Prepare yourself, because this is where America is heading. We are most certainly teetering on the brink. We’re officially going to see our former President taken away due to the choices of the current administration. America has absolutely lost it. There is no coming back from this. Democrats will no longer trust Republicans until the day they die. Republicans will no longer trust Democrats until the day they die. No election result will be trusted again. The faith in this democracy is entirely destroyed the moment the cuffs land on the country’s former president.

Again, simply ask yourself some questions. And, don’t let Rachel Maddow or Sean Hannity answer them for you. Ask what is going on, and if you are truly OK with it. Is this how far you want America to fall? Is it worth it? Is your hatred for one man so strong that you’d prefer to see your very country waste away? We’re on the path to nowhere.

This writer believes this is all by design. Trump is the useful idiot to undertake a bigger mission. The goal is to break us. When we break down, the system breaks. After all, the system is a government of the people, by the people, for the people. Take out the people, and you remove the system itself. The element of control moves to full throttle when people break down. Rights are stripped to protect others based on fear. They want anger to grow, so frustration turns to rage. And, the moment people act with rage, the faster they strip away what rights are left. Put a former American President in cuffs who has a higher showing of support than the current President, and, in an instant, you create something in the streets. Anger in the streets? Take away the rights because those showing their anger are clearly the real danger to society, they’ll say. They want just that. It’s all about gaining more power. Stay calm, Americans, and keep the faith. Don’t fall victim to what they want you to do. In the words of the spouse of their former leader, ‘when they go low, we go high.’


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