Trump’s Grandest Moment

What a moment for the world. Negotiating in the 21st Century. Speaking directly with your adversary and addressing disagreements. Civil Discourse with your foe. It has been a while since the US has gone down this road of diplomacy. This will have lasting implications for the US and the world on many levels. It may determine how the US will decide to engage our opponents. This could work, and if it does, you can guarantee other nations will be watching and wanting to take pat. This can result in a new era of American diplomacy across the world, and potentially peace through the promise of economic success. America has a strong economy. The biggest bargain chip of all is with the US. What country wouldn’t want to take part in joining the US in economic success? Trump is opening that door for those who want to play by the rules.

I do not know what will happen in less than twenty-four hours, but I do know what rational behavior would bring. Rational thought would bring peace and economic prosperity to NK. Let me help you, if you help me. North Korea – put down your weapons. Here is an olive branch. Come join an economic bloc the likes the world has never seen. The US, China, Japan, and Korea. Why would you not put down your weapons for this economic invitation? Use your geography to your advantage. The rational decision is one that the world should hope North Korea takes. It lessens the concern of a conflict, and increases economic production in one fell swoop.

I do hope Trump can create Treaty with North Korea. I hope he can come back to the US and present the Treaty to Congress for debate, enhancements, and ratification. This process should be gone about the right way for the world to see. Let Trump, alongside our Democratic Republic show the world how our system can work to generate peace and prosperity for those who want it. This is tremendous moment for all of the world. Let us hope for a collective accomplishment.


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