Change. A series devoted to one word. Part 2

The discussion regarding the past is speaking to daily life, and not a controlled science experiment.

You cannot speak about change without discussing the past. You can begin by accepting the following principles.

  • The past is gone
  • The past will not return
  • The past cannot repeat itself

To fully understand, embrace, and be part of the change, one must accept the before mentioned statements about the past.

The variables that dictate today can never be replicated from what they were yesterday. This declarative statement is what you need to use as your way of moving forward and disowning the past.

Every day. Every moment. It will always be new because we cannot find ourself in a situation exactly the same, again. Cycles about politics, financial markets, and history have fallacies. The reasoning is that to repeat any cycle, then all the variables need to come together again, and that cannot occur. The simplest way to comprehend why is to understand that the world changed due to technological improvements so much in recent decades, that the variables shifted too far from what they once were.

Let’s look at a few examples to ease your stress and reluctance to accepting this argument.

Politics ~

How can politics repeat itself? History books tell you it can. The media, and politicians tell you it can, as well. All of the examples have errors. For example, a history book likes to take note of loose comparisons. The French Revolution and the US Revolution are often compared. The Republican Party tirelessly compares present day to the Reagan years. The Democratic Party does the same with FDR and the Progressive movement. The problem is, too much in the world has changed from the moments that each party references. You cannot create the moment, again. Technology, thoughts and ideas, demographics, are just a few things that change from one moment to another. Media and pollsters love to cite moments as a way to juxtapose today with the past to prove an argument. You can often hear during elections lines like, “when a President is two-years into his term, his approval is on average 40%, however, today the President is at 35%, therefore, he will not win reelection.” The problem, again is too many variables between the comparisons, and too much change.

Financial Markets ~

Think of the instruments and methods traders use to buy or sell stock and bonds, today as compared to yesteryear. This, alone, changes the entirety of a previous cycle compared with today. Economics have evolved, and this dictates countless decisions in financial markets. Technology has made the influx of information huge, and takes away moments of arbitrage. You cannot recreate the Great Depression or the Great Recession. The variables can never align again. Methods to trade, thought processes, mass information are just a few things that have much changed, therefore, replicating a cycle has become impossible.

Is the probability of an event happening today, the same as the event happening tomorrow? In a scenario where the variables cannot be controlled, and therefore, things have changed in the twenty-four hours; your answer is no.

Imagine how your life could change if you accept the past cannot repeat itself.

Imagine how your life could change if you accept that you are not replicating a cycle of the past. You can constantly live in the moment. Your actions will be what you innately want to do. Your actions cannot be predicated on the past, and assumed in the future. You will truly be free. This is what life could be.

You cannot do this until you accept that the past will not repeat itself. Move forward from this moment.


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