What does Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Tiger Woods, and Michael Jordan all have in common with you? You all have zero idea when your time will run out. You all are in a race against the clock that will eventually stop, and you could experience that moment at any time.

We are all together on this planet. All eight billion of us. Each of us are running the same race against an invisible clock that tics at the same speed for everyone. We are all dying, and we will all leave this planet one day.

What are you choosing to do with this precious gift? It is undoubtedly the most valuable resource in your life as you move beyond natural necessities. It’s scarce, and it’s an unknown.

What do you do to make sure you enjoy the time you spend on earth? Let’s start with your loved ones. You only have so much time with them. Do yourself a favor. Next time you are with them, ask yourself what will happen if this is the last time you ever see them. This feeling hurts your heart, doesn’t it? How comfortable are you with the things you’ve shared with this person? Describe who you have been for this person throughout their life? Think of the satisfaction you have with that answer. What about their thoughts? Are they satisfied with you? When did you last discuss something similar with this loved one?

How about the things you want to carry out while here on earth. Have you given thought to what you’re trying to do? When you think of these things you yearn for, do you write the thoughts down? Try to figure out what plan you will need to put forth to satisfy these ideas. Give it thought and energy. Be methodical with the map you design to get to where you want to go. Evaluate the time you will spend getting there.

Let’s take this one step further and imagine life when you are gone from this planet. What ways do you want people to describe you when you are no longer here to explain to them how you would describe yourself. What causes do you want to remembered for championing? What traits, accomplishments, and stories do you want others to recall of you?

Examine the good you brought into the world. How do you measure it? How satisfied are you by it?

All of this is difficult to think about, because it is semi taboo in our culture, largely because it typically strikes fear in our hearts.

Consider twenty-four hours. Think of the time you waste throughout one day. How much of the time you spend in one day is adding value to your life, or others? The time you spend may classify as neutral in terms of value, or your time may in fact be even worse. It is negatively impacting yourself, or others. This behavior hurts the continuum of time. Evaluate your time on a positive to negative scale. This will aid you in realizing how beneficial your days are. Cut out negative moments, and increase the positive ones. Continue to evaluate the neutral occurrences.

Look at the ways you can improve necessary behaviors in your life regarding time. This is like, commuting, cooking dinner, and activity at work. Improve your efficiency. Think of time spent doing these activities and see how they can become condensed. This will allow for more time to be spent on positive actions.

Now, check the time you have leftover to spend with what you want to carry out long-term. How is the alignment? You need sufficient enough time to do the positive things you have chosen to advance with your new allotments of time.

We understand time will stop in our life and we know it is the most valuable part we must strive to manage. Make sure you are aware of how good a job you are doing at this hugely important aspect of your life. Ask yourself these questions, and truthfully check your response. Examine your progress, and reevaluate this often. Make adjustments, because your time is running out


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