China’s Threat To The World

What is the biggest threat to the world? Is it an environmental concern such as Global Warming? What about the high levels of poverty in other nations, such as African ones. We often hear of meddling from countries like Russia. Terrorism is constantly in the news and usually sprouts from small groups in pockets of Southeast Asia and the Middle East. There is no shortage of fears about nuclear conflict with nations like Iran. Unknown worries are prevalent among us, and include a pandemic that scientists would have to fight when being caught off guard. All of these are problems nonetheless, however, there are problems that the masses are not often communicating. The monumental problem rests in China.

The threats China pose to the world are vast, and have many offshoots from one central communist root. They are demographic time bombs from their one-child policy, increased authoritarian rule from Emperor Xi Ping, oppression of individualism, censorship, meddling and spying using their technology, militarization, and economic falsehoods and concerns.

Japan is in the midst of a demographic disaster. The nation is experiencing low new birth rates, while having high rates of senior citizens. This has created an upside down triangle of population when related to age. The top-heavy population divide with regards to age has created far too many elder Japanese men and women reliant on a considerably smaller pool of younger Japanese men and women. This is a tremendous problem maintaining stability in a nation, especially when looked at economically through entitlements such as healthcare and government pensions – think social security. Why does this matter? China is about to experience something similar on an even grander scale. In fact, the grandest of them all.

Over one billion people, but a population pyramid that’s not inverted. It’s worse. It’s a gender divideMen much outpace women by 34 million, and due to the one-child policy, men and women have come of age. There is not enough women to date, marry, and give birth for all the men that make up China today. The situation is beginning to show outsiders what men in China are struggling with. The concerning stories involve elaborate ways to court women, and hiring women to pose as their girlfriends, and wives to appease elder family members back home. In a reclusive nation that doesn’t easily allow for migration outside their borders, and governmentally disagrees with homosexuality, men in China are at a tremendous disadvantage. They literally do not have enough women, and unless the country imports of-age women into China, there is a demographic bomb about to explode the likes no country has seen. Trapped inside their own nation. What happens to a nation when 34 million men realize the harsh reality that they have zero chance to find a soul mate? What will 34 million lonely men do when they face this truth?

This takes us to Emperor Xi Ping. He’s not really an Emperor, however, he has become closer to Emperor Mao, or at least Xi Ping’s own father in recent years. He has killed people close to him, stripped away power from other parts of government, removed term limits that restrict his reign, and became increasingly paranoid in what he censors. In fact, Emperor Ping has become so paranoid of criticism, he had the gall to ban Winnie The Pooh in his country when he discovered his people were creating memes comparing him to the plump little bear. Emperor Ping has frighteningly shown time and again he intends to move more towards authoritarian rule, versus the Democratic Republic we fantasized would blossom when he assumed power and began opening Chinese borders economically to the world which spurred growth previously unseen. This utopian fantasy has rapidly disolved into a dystopian nightmare.

The other threat China has become guilty of is their mistreatment of their own people. There is little known on what is actually transpiring in the communist regime, but what we do know will frighten anyone. They are guilty of UN Human Rights violations dealing with Muslims living close to their western borders. They have tried to indoctrinate them, restrict their religious freedoms, and interned them in concentration camps. It’s indicative of what they’ve done to Tibetan people in the past. This mistreatment rests in a huge nation, comprised on a giant landmass, with over one billion people, and a thirst to control, while keeping its secrets sealed within their walls. We saw the slow takeover of power from other groups of people within China’s midst that expressed any sort of nationalism separate from The People’s Republic of China. Think Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. Only God, and Emperor Xi Ping know what else this nation does to their people. Who’s (able to) look? Who’s (allowed to) report? Who (has the chance to) get their story out? They restrict what they can. They strive to withhold negative information from trickling out of their borders, while censoring information that enters their country.

Recently, a huge piece exposed what is the most frightening known atrocity committed by China in this new pseudo-capitalist era. They created a microchip the size of a grain of rice and secretly placed it in America’s hardware. The infected devices could be used for spying, or even taken over and operated from the Chinese mainland. The chips were allegedly implanted in countless devices, ranging from military drones used by the CIA, to MRI machines, to devices such as our smartphones and laptops. How did it happen? China infiltrated two, largely known technology supply-chain companies that work with tech conglomerates. American corporations like Apple and Amazon, as well as the Federal Government work with these suppliers that these products are traced back to.

There is no way to know the impact of what other devices have this chip implanted within. We cannot be certain we have found all the sources, and there is no path for certainty with regard to which devices have already been infected with this Bond-like piece of technology. What we do know is that this has happened and could be happening now. If you thought the NSA reading your text messages was worrisome, then this should take your fear to a whole new level of concern. There is only one sure proof way out of this. Stop the supply chain with China. This is an economic disaster for America, therefore, the article summarized it perfectly by saying,

You end up with a classic Satan’s bargain,” one former U.S. official says. “You can have less supply than you want and guarantee it’s secure, or you can have the supply you need, but there will be risk. Every organization has accepted the second proposition.”

The Chinese are liars. They manipulate their economic data, and make sure it’s constantly in their best interests. Economists have largely said their real GDP is likely 2% below what they tell the world. Why does it matter? Their lies and manipulation is what drove investment in their country, and convinces them to stay. Investors seek out the best new opportunity, and if emerging economies like Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines don’t have GDP growth and inflation like that of China, then it makes more sense to invest in China. The gig is almost up. They have abandoned buildings littered through the country, mass pollution, and entire cities that have never been completed or filled. They built up the nation on a stack of lies, but outsiders have gotten smart. The lack of transparency has dissipated and most investors finally have a solid grasp on what they’re doing. Investment will gradually move out of China and into new frontiers. They are hardly an emerging economy. In fact, it’s possible that China has less growth than America this year.

Finally, the mass militarization of the South China Sea is another threat China has levied against the world. This time, a military build up. China is second to America with regard to military spending, however, no country outpaces China when it comes to developing their military with superior technology. We can only speculate, however, the theories are vast and wide. You can check them here, here, or here, and even here. Their technology makes you wonder what they are preparing for. Their aggression has ramped up drastically, as well as their hope to display their might. Why?

Think of China inconspicuously filling up a bucket of water with their sins one drop at a time.

The bucket is nearing capacity.

Bring together these threats, and you have China. A billion people, becoming increasingly marginalized, with an expanding, hostile, and technology advanced militarily, ran by a regime becoming more secretive and reclusive, with an ever-growing yearning for more power and control. It’s a bomb waiting to blow. The world can only hope it blows up from the inside with economic collapse and an internal overthrow of the regime, versus a physical conflict that brings the world to war.


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