Steadiness, Positivity, Faith

Steady, good deeds will result in long-term, positive progress if you have faith that what you’re doing will leave an impact over time.

You cannot change what you are hoping to fix, today. You can make the goals become a positive reality with faith. You can do it in the most unselfish way. Build up a consistent stream of good deeds over a long time and believe that what you are doing will leave an impact on those around you.

Have a simple, positive message or goal.

Desire to help others with small and less impactful deeds. One at a time. Believe that as time moves on, and your activity stays consistent, these little acts of kindness will combine to something bigger. Bits of education. Volunteering in your community. Selfless acts helping people. All of these, and more, add up.

Exercise humility, and patience. Have faith in the longer term outcome.

Realize the more humble you are, combined with a stream of consistently small, yet beneficial good deeds, increases the likelihood that you leave this world better for a large group of people. Stay the course. Believe you are making a difference.

People may not realize it when you help. They may never fully realize it, or may never even appreciate it. They may appreciate it, but forget to let you know. You certainly won’t hear much of your success. But all of this Ok. It’s like a teacher. A teacher doesn’t tend to know the fruits of their labor. They do what they can, and do it well. They do it consistently, with love and selflessness. They bring light on the world, daily, and have faith it adds up over time. Do that.


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