Why have faith in God? Why believe in Him? What do you have to lose?

It may constrain you with cognitive dissonance, but examine the constraint. It forces you to recognize your own imperfections, while realizing that you will never be perfect, anyway. It helps you realize that you are a sinner who will slip up, but offered forgiveness, and accepted again when you show contrition. It will help you see the beauty in others and yourself, even when the times are dark. It helps you love others, and treat them with the respect they deserve. It helps you with daily struggles and gives you someone to talk to when you feel alone, or lost. It gives your life more meaning. Do these constraints seem all that bad?

This life might be all there is, and then we die. Belief in God, and therefore, an afterlife could be wrong. How much time did you really waste by expecting Heaven and God at the end of this life? Should you look at it that way? God might not exist, but think of what this belief offered you. It helped with your own mental health and strength by developing your faith. Your faith is potentially rooted in fallacy, but you won’t know that until you leave this life, therefore, the faith you created while living is invaluable, today.

The faith you have in God, and an afterlife is inconspicuously carrying you through this life each day. Development of faith helps you move beyond tough times, believing that things will improve. Faith helps you grow, and evolve as an individual. It assists you with patience, and grace. The greatest attribute that comes from a belief in God, or an afterlife, is faith. You cannot simply acquire this gift. Faith grows with time. It becomes invaluable with age and experience. It takes you places you never thought possible.

God has plans for all of us. We are here for a reason. We are here to deliver his message for those that didn’t receive His message adequately enough. We are here to help others grow their own faith. We must share our gift with those who unfortunately do not have it. God wants us to act as His instrument, and display what it means when we are faithful. We are a connected group. We all give someone something. The faith that we have can in turn be provided to others in need. What a wonderful gift to offer.


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