Paying It Forward

Imagine life and how it could change if you leave everyone with one little message once you wrap up with the good deed you do. Just pay it forward when you can. It’s a great movie, and everyone could use a reminder.

The concept for those who may have forgotten is someone performs a selfless, good deed for you, therefore, you pay it forward. Paying it forward does not entail just one good deed in turn. It requires three. That’s the catch.

Soon, because it will exponentially grow, everyone is doing good deeds for everyone. The end goal is that so many good deeds are going on, that it is becoming more of a habit, versus what may have begun as a chore. Humanity truly improves and positively evolves.

Everyone should try this out. Paying it forward doesn’t require a huge, in your face good deed. It asks that you do a simple, selfless act of kindness. The tricky part is remembering that you have three good deeds to do, and to check them off as you go. The other part is informing those you help about how they can pay it forward from that moment.

The world can always use more good deeds and feel good stories. People can always be reminded of their need to do them. This would be a good start. Go try it out.




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