Hate is hate.

Hate has no prejudice. It can affect anyone.

Hate has no bounds. It can manifest anywhere.

Hate can spread in words and weaponry.

How much hate is in the world? Too much? Of course. One instance of hate is too many.

Has hate always been this boundless? We live in an era where hate is capable of being on display every minute of the day. Does this mean there is more hate today than there was one-hundred years ago? Two-thousand years ago? Does it matter? One instance of hate is too many.

Why is there hate? Does finding an answer matter? It can, if it means we can rid hate from our lives. Can we isolate hate to a certain set of answers? Define hate as a particular evil that rests within someone’s mind. It grows restless, and over time, the hate moves from evil, internal thoughts, to violent, external actions. You cannot rid hate from the brain of a human. Define hate this way, and you cannot rid hate from society.

Take away the weapons. Take away the words. The hate will still find a way to quietly rest within someone’s brain, and eventually that hate will escape in some fashion to carry out the job it was always intending to do. It always has, and it always will.

Hate comes from the devil. Hate comes from negative energy in the universe. Hate comes from the actions and words of others. Hate comes from somewhere, whether you’re religious, agnostic, or atheist. It does not simply appear. There is a beginning. It starts as a thought. The thought grows. It’s like a seed planted in the mind. Something waters that seed. The seed grows, the hate overpowers the body, and the person carries out actions on others.

Feeling helpless? Good. That means you’re scared of the hate, therefore, you do not have it in your heart, soul, and mind. How do you rid others from it? Easier said than done, but it starts with people speaking with people. Be nice, be kind, but most importantly, be aware. You cannot be nice and kind to others if you aren’t actively looking for others to help. Stay alert. Stay vigilant. Look for where you can spread love. Who knows? Maybe your one selfless act of love will be what that stranger needs to help them kill the hate that’s been growing inside.




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