• A viral moment was staged one way or the other
  • Everyone has an agenda
  • Media only cares about your clicks, and they’ll do whatever they can to convince you otherwise
  • Sports are meant as entertainment
  • Your religious beliefs connect you to a Higher Power. The physical institution is simply the intermediary.
  • No one wakes up the next day and says I’m glad I drank alcohol last night
  • Businesses are only in business to make money, and no matter how many ads they pump out telling you otherwise, a business is only in business to make money
  • Never lying guarantees never losing sleep at night
  • Replace every buzzword with its mundane synonym
  • Family. The only people who actually care about you
  • Not everyone has to be blood related to be considered family, but you better realize who doesn’t belong.
  • Manners are never out of style
  • I’ll repeat: Manners are never out of style
  • Question everything, or remain blissfully ignorant
  • Never lose your sense of adventure and imagination. You die the moment you give that up
  • You won’t regret rescuing a dog
  • Every politician eventually is only in it for the money
  • Never mass characterize a group based on one event
  • Most folks won’t ask for your facts, but that doesn’t mean you should go around spreading your biased, half truths
  • Individuals have good intentions, but remain skeptical of groups and mobs
  • Judging someone doesn’t get you anywhere, but examining someone’s behavior may
  • Never hesitate to help someone
  • If you can help one person in whatever endeavor you take on, it’s the only thing that matters

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