How Is That Resolution Going?

Oh, you forgot about it already? Why is that? Did you use an artificially created date to start fresh and fail like everyone else? What about the Millennial favorite, Whole-Thirty?  Did you torture yourself for thirty-days with changes you haven’t implemented since last January, and then forget about it on February 1? Were you methodical about your resolutions, and understood it was a marathon as opposed to a race? Do you understand that this is a lifestyle change? One that you slowly evolve into.

Look, the only way you will truly change is if you understand that you genuinely need to become a new person. This requires thoughtfulness. It means you need to track, and then check your progress. You need to have short, mid, and long-term benchmarks. Avoid burning out, and stay patient. There is a lot that goes into it, but it starts by remaining diligent.

It doesn’t matter if you failed to this point. You can, and will be able to make changes. Look, it is two months of twelve into the year. There is a ton of time left! The biggest problem is we think there isn’t. It’s all about your perspective. Relax a bit. Don’t kick the can down the road to 2020, and don’t make excuses for yourself. Just try to hit the restart button and jump back on the horse.

Take these steps –

Write down what it is you want to do, and what are you going to do once you accomplish it. Maintaining the progress is not an acceptable answer

Ask, how long will it take, and how long are you willing to try? Be honest with yourself on both replies.

Then, think of how you plan to go about it. Try your best to avoid overwhelming yourself. Remember, every bad behavior you remove requires you to fill it with a good behavior. Do the times balance out?

OK, now the tricky part. Remember, it is a marathon and not a race. Ease into this, and take it slow. Gradually build something up. Make it a true lifestyle change. Avoid going for a quick fix. Patience is key, and taking this one day at a time is paramount. Start small!

Ask yourself what you’re going to do when you slip up. How do you intend to get back on the horse, and how can you prevent the slip up again? Examine what happened each time you make a mistake.

How do you intend to track it? How are you going to keep yourself honest and accountable?

Finally, how do you check your overall progress and account for successes?

Look, this may seem like a lot, but just take it slowly and eventually you’ll realize it’s becoming a reality. Remember, the tortoise beat the hare.




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