The R Word

Seven days ago our fearless leader tweeted a series of four tweets that set the media into a tizzy. The tweets got Trump exactly what he wanted. Is saying ‘go back to your country…’ rooted in bigotry, or even racism? Of course. Does Trump hate these four women because they are women of color? Not a chance. Does he want to ‘send them back!’ Not at all. Trump is a mastermind at manipulating the media. He is always at least two steps ahead. He has a grand slam with this. It’s summer, and most of America isn’t necessarily watching these events unfold, however, a lot of America will catch the upcoming Democrat debates, and this will undoubtedly take center stage. What will we hear? Twenty candidates running for office that will say the same thing when pressed on this topic. We may get a little something different/unorthodox from Marianne Williamson.

Trump could care less about these women being women of color. He also doesn’t care they are women. He does, however, love their ideas. Their ideas are the furthest left of any sitting member of Congress at this moment. Four Democrats from some of the most liberal districts in America representing an incredibly small faction of the voting electorate. This week, twenty Democrats running for his position will have to welcome these four women in with open arms, and dare not even remotely disagree with their policy, because that will bring on a vacuous resentment likely resulting in them being branded a racist not part of the party. Remember, it was only nine days ago when a member of the now infamous ‘Squad’ called Nancy Pelosi a racist. It was only twenty days ago when the VP of our nation’s first black President was called a racist. There is no room for dissenting opinion in the nation’s inclusive party.

Ayanna Pressley, a member of the squad said out loud that the Democrats don’t need any “black faces that don’t want to be a black voice, or brown faces that don’t want to be a brown vote.” What’s that mean? No one really questioned it this week, but it’s safe to say she is saying that if you aren’t with her, or us (Democrats) then you’re against her, or us (Democrats). Seems pretty inclusive and creative. Lots of room for dissenting opinion. As if.

Speaking of room for dissenting opinion, Scarlett Johannson was forced to withdraw from a role where she’d play a transgender male back in July of 2018. She was asked about that this week and said “I should be able to play any person, tree, or animal, as it is the requirements of my job.” Well, again the party of inclusion didn’t like what they heard and the backlash forced her to bend and ‘clarify’ her comments. 

Need more examples? Here’s what else happened this week. The head of Planned Parenthood was kicked out by the board. Why? She didn’t get in line and stay in lock-step with the views of the supposed apolitical organization. She wanted to extend an olive branch to folks in our country that may disagree with abortion, but don’t want government restricting it. She is on the record as disagreeing with ‘heartbeat’ bills passed in NY, but against the restrictive Alabama bill. She also refused to refer to transgender individuals as people and wanted to use the word woman. Well, this wasn’t acceptable to the board. She was trying to not offend people in the Midwest according to her own words. They kicked her out. Mind you this is an accredited medical professional who has been actually practicing medicine for decades. Inclusion strikes again.

Let’s do yet another example from this week. The four women of the group were interviewed by Gayle King. One member, Rashida Tlaib refused to acknowledge Trump as the President, and when pressed by King stayed true to her guns by only referring to him as the ‘occupant of the Oval Office.’ Again, try winning a general election when this is a leading voice of a party. Not a chance. It gets better. King then asked them about meeting with Pelosi to iron out differences. The response was classic. “She’s the Speaker of the House, so it’s her job to meet with us… have her people call our people to set up a meeting.” OK, these four have served in the US House for a combined eight years. They have zero power when comes to real legislation. All their bills have failed miserably. Take for instance impeachment. Only 95 Democrats voted yes, where the remaining 150 voted against. The party is not for impeachment, but because of what Trump is doing by manipulating the media, the country is led to believe they are.

This takes us back to Trump and his grand slam. He wins on both issues. First, multiple polls have proven that America dislikes all four of these members of congress more than any other politician, including Pelosi. Polls have also showed that ‘socialism’ is still rejected by a majority of this country. All four women embrace socialism unapologetically. So, he wins on the issues. When it comes to the racial part of the discussion, he is winning as well. Why? Americans could not be more sick and tired of the R word being thrown around daily. Everyone is a racist these days. Enough is enough. Our president plays fast a loose with words. We all know it. The media completely overreacted and goes crazy about it. We all see it. Why did he win? Because he was outspoken.

How does this fix itself? Well, the media only cares about ratings. They love Trump, and they know they need him for four more years. It’s the only reason Americans are so in tune with politics. Media needs their ad revenue, which stems from viewers. They will further allow Trump to control the dialogue, and he will constantly go at these four women over the coming 365 days before an actual candidate is representing the party for 2020 and he has a single opponent. And even then you can bet he will make that opponent either oppose their socialist ideas, or disavow.

Is this good for America? Not even close. Let’s check the three sides of the triangle. We have the same thing from 2016 coming our way in 2020. America stays divided and either votes for one far side of the spectrum, the other far side, or stays home and continues to just watch Netflix and act like this isn’t happening. We get a choice in 15-months to either trust the devil we know or the devil we don’t know. This is horrible for real legislation, compromise, and the bringing together of ideologies. It only further exacerbates policy to the extremes, and isolates the creative, moderate centrists that actually want to fix things in pragmatic ways. The loudest are the minority, but since they are the loudest, we will continue to exclusively hear what they want and will be led to believe their loud minority is an actual majority. It couldn’t be further from the truth.

How can it be fixed? Back to those 150 Democrats that voted against impeachment. Does anyone know their names? Has anyone seen them on TV? Nope. Why? They get zero coverage because they aren’t loud enough. They aren’t extreme enough. They cant boil down their stances to cheap soundbites. This is because they are the true representation of what America is. A country filled of folks that have a hell of a lot more in common that unites us instead of focusing on the things that divide us. Those 150 are what America needs. They are the ones that can stand up. They should be uniting and trying to get their voices and practical ideas heard.

If they were to show our country that they exist, and that they want to give valid opposition as well as realistic solutions to improve our way of life, then America could have an election in 2020 that actually gives us valid choice, instead of polar opposites. We could vote ‘for’ something instead of ‘against’ someone. It could challenge Trump with policy, instead of this game he plays manipulating the media and advancing us further down a road of divisiveness while highlighting a few on the left to lead America that this is emblematic of the entire party. We can see the numbers. We know who the real Democrats are in this party. But, will these 150 stand up and make their voices heard? If not, we can keep on expecting more of this for the next 365 days. Continue to divide and conquer, or just keep on checking out.



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