You led yourself to believe something that’s false. You live a busy life, so you typically only read titles, summaries, listen to quick sound bytes, and watch videos below 60-second in length. This has been the way you consume news for most anything relevant, regardless of the subject.

It’s been the way you have digested headlines, gathered facts, and later patted yourself on the back for remaining informed since you graduated from school. Graduation gave you the opportunity alas to avoid reading the entire piece. You longed for the moment, and you anticipated the chance so much that you developed a nasty habit soon after. That habit hasn’t been broken.

Do yourself a favor. Do this with a few articles and you’ll likely discover the same result. Read the headline, the summarized subscript, and the first paragraph. Then, read the last two paragraphs. You’ll likely realize what was hypothesized or opined in the beginning of most pieces was factually discredited by the pieces own writer towards the end, or at least dumbed down in its rhetoric.

Why? It’s how you have to write an article in the digital age. A classic a bait and switch to engage in more views. Lure the aimless reader in with a flashy headline, add a wild subplot in the article’s description, and you get the click. Make the point fast, and that’s typically the opinion section in paragraph one. Then, explain towards the end that the first part of the piece was primarily commentary, since the actuality is quite different. This is the case in most finance, sports, politics, tech, and current event pieces. The style isn’t used by one political bias, as this style is used by all writers. I’m tricking you by using the style now.

Would you fall for this trick in person? No, you never do. Think of the most obvious one you see. A homeless man or woman with a sign on the side of the curb as you walk into your office. The sign often says Ex-War Vet, or Disabled, or Lost Everything Because (Insert Sob Story Here). You don’t fall for it at all. You did, at first, but now you seldom do. It’s the same tactic a writer tricks you with every single day. But, you trust the article on your phone, but don’t trust the real living human clearly in duress sitting in front of you. Pretty amazing.

Let this sink in. You’ll fall for a trick with information, then allow yourself to believe fallacies. You’ll educate yourself without verifying what you read, or testing the newfound fact for validity. You’ll do this so often that you’ll develop your own bias, belief, and facts without even realizing it.

Why is this relevant? Because, there are things going on in America where you’re quite often being delivered shoddy information at best, but you’re blindly taking it as gospel. This is most often seen in headlines dealing with a five letter word that has come to dominate the news cycle for about three years now. You know, the mean, orange man. The same man who collaborated with Russians to get to where he is today. The quick-tempered, threat to our national security. That white supremacist, nationalistic, flag waving, racist. Heard of him? His name is Donald Trump.

Sorry to let you know, but you’ve been duped for about 1,000 days and counting. It’s OK. You were duped because of a business model. The headline Trump tells Muslim Congresswoman to go back to her country gets a hell of a lot more clicks than the reality of that series of four tweets. Oh wait, you didn’t know he wrote four tweets in a row to ignite that scandal? Of course you don’t. That wasn’t shown to you. And, we can’t expect you to actually go read the article and seek out your own facts to gain a full context of the situation. You’re too busy. You need to hurry up and check the headline so you have more time to watch Netflix later!

These media companies know how to lure your lazy ass right on in. You’re easier to trick than the family of trout swimming in the lake that can’t seem to keep losing one after another to those magical worms that keep dropping in. And each worm you eat equals more money for those media companies. The more worms they can trick you into eating, the more money they pocket. You just keep on falling into their lap while they take your stumbles straight to the bank.

Trump, a former media guy himself, undoubtedly understands this. That’s how he got to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, and that’s how he’ll stay there through 2024. Trump manipulates the media better than anyone we have ever seen. It’s stunning. But, it gets better. You think you’re seeing through it. You think all the info you’ve gathered about the mean, orange man affords you the knowledge to realize that he’s a toxic racist that needs to be removed because, after all, he’s what’s wrong in this country. As if. That’s his first move. He’s about five moves ahead of you. You just keep focusing on his first move. Let me dumb this down for you. You think you’re playing checkers. He moves his black chcker right into his racist statement about Baltimore failing black people and you think you can take your red checker and claim his black racist statement. Problem is, you think you’re playing checkers, but Trump is playing chess. But, it doesn’t stop there.

You think you can stay ahead of him and play the game of chess. This requires you to now think strategically. At least two, three, or four steps ahead. Plot out multiple scenarios in your head. But, the self-proclaimed very stable genius is running laps around your chess board.

He baits the media, subsequently forcing the Democrats to apologize, stand with, or agree upon pretenses that they never would have owned had they not been pressed. This has to do with their embracing of The Squad, sympathizing with MS-13, defending crime ridden, destroyed Baltimore, and even suggesting the Boston Marathon Bomber should be given the right to vote. Checkers.

His grandest act is what he’s done with these games with regard to economic policy. First, while you pay attention to his words because he’s not presidential enough, or you’re (falsely) led to believe his words have consequences, the man has implemented wonders on the economy. Let’s address a few fronts.

Tax cuts and legislation. He enabled the largest US Corporations in our country to become much larger. He lowered their taxes, and lessened their regulatory burden. This increased their cash stockpiles, strengthened their balance sheets, and gave these companies the clarity needed to sustain an ever-expanding business model with minor interruption and uncertainty. This has created a situation where the top companies in the USA have enough cash, and market cap valuation through their stock prices that they are essentially worth most other country’s entire GDP. These companies are absolute juggernauts. Saying they’re well positioned for a downturn is being too modest. They legitimately cannot suffer in a downturn.

What does this do for our country? For one, it ensures that the largest employers in our nation are more than equipped to keep up their full employment. It also means that these companies can whether any storms that come their way now. Think of this. First, Trump is the greatest bully. Don’t think for a minute than any of these companies would dare lay-off American workers. He would ruin them publicly. So, while these US companies signal to you through their marketing campaigns that they’re anti-Trump, they’re undoubtedly engaged in back channel communications with the administration praising their support. Go back to your information fallacy. Checkers.

You see a wonderful press release that Walt Disney is terminating Roseanne from her show because of her racist rhetoric, while Disney has never been more profitable in their history, and it’s large in part to the policy change of Trump’s administration. Their own CEO was once considering dropping out of his post and running against Trump. Now, he’s been contractually extended, hasn’t publicly complained about Trump in ages, and makes more many than nearly any CEO in the world. But, Disney, and their entities like ABC, ESPN, and most of their movies have been incredibly vocal in their anti-Trump media headlines you read. Again, sorry to tell you, but you’re chasing the wrong headlines.

The second part to Trump’s tax cuts and lack of regulation helped companies become stronger to weather storms. Right now, he created the biggest storm they’ve dealt with in ages. The Chinese uncertainty. You see headlines about tariffs hurting business and the threat of a looming recession, when in fact this couldn’t be further from the reality of the situation. The headlines, again, are all but clickbait driving up revenue for media companies. The true story is these companies are quickly revamping their supply chains out of China and into other emerging markets, such as, Vietnam or Taiwan, or with our allied trading partners, like Mexico and Japan. Even better, the companies are moving these supply chains back home, and dare I say the moves will Make America Great Again?

He’s running circles around the Chinese government, and making even the smartest economists and business strategists realize that he has more of a grip of economic policy than they could have even imagined. This is unquestionably part of a very long, strategic, and methodical plan. A long game of chess that has been masterfully implemented to trigger the right moves at the perfect time.

First, strengthen American businesses. Second, bully the Federal Reserve Chairman to get him on your side. Third, revamp trade deals to begin forcing companies to change their supply chains. Four, target China through their technology juggernaut Huawei to put all companies on notice that they must begin ceasing operations with China. Five, masterfully rework a budget deal with the Democrats allowing for a dramatic expansion of assets in our US Treasury paving the way for QE4 for the Fed. Six, force the Chinese to carry out the only weapon they have by causing them to devalue their own currency, allowing you to say checkmate. Seven (if necessary), threaten an economic Cold War with the Chinese government through ways the world would never have seen coming. How? Label China a human rights violator, and recruit the powers of the UN and wage a Public Relations battle against the country if they don’t budge.

So, the ace in his hand is the one no one would ever see coming. The reckless, racist, white supremacist, nationalistic leader of the Republican Party would wage an economic, globally allied war against China under the premise of freeing the now over 1,000,000 Uighur Muslims that are interned in real concentration camps along the western border of China. So, the racist US President who enacted the Muslim Ban, is likely going to wage a crusade to bring 1,000,000+ Muslims out of drudgery. The white nationalist is going to recruit the UN and unify with the major powers of the Western World to ally against the Chinese in the name of defending human rights. The man allegedly running concentration camps on our southern border is going to try to force China to liberate their prisoners being held in real concentration camps on their border. Keep playing checkers.

How have you missed this story? It’s all public info that’s been reported on. You were too busy reading the first part of page one every day.

To summarize,

  • Trump has now strengthened US Corporations, keeping the stock market elevated, unemployment low, economy stable, and 401(k) balances high.
  • Got the Fed on his side to cut interest rates which will help aid in millions of consumers being able to save money on future home refinances, as well as lower rates on credit cards, student loans, and car loans.
  • Lower rates help US Corps manage their own balance sheets more efficiently, allowing them the ability to buy back more of their stock, increase their mergers and acquisitions, and provide increased benefits to their employees.
  • Increased the balance sheet of the US Treasury with a bipartisan deal with Nancy Pelosi to give the Fed + Treasury a toolbox of tremendous liquidity to prop our market up in the event of a problem. This now affords Trump and Treasury Secretary Mnuchin an unlimited supply of cash to alleviate any potential misstep. They have the ultimate insurance policy to guard against an error that sends the economy into a potential recession.
  • Claim China was a currency manipulator for three years and then force their hand to actually manipulate their currency this week. In turn, immediately request the International Monetary Fund reviews the claim.
  • Run a media crusade that resulted in the Democrats cozying up to incredibly unpopular ideas, such as, but not limited to MS13, The Squad, and voting rights to terrorists.
  • Have himself falsely branded a racist, white supremacist, nationalistic leader while enacting prison reform bills that directly help persons of color the most.
  • Saved his biggest act for the final curtain when he ignites a crusade against China for their human rights violations while defending interned Muslims
  • Finally, he was recently granted a gift in Hong Kong when their government introduced a bill that would allow its citizens to be extradited to mainland China to face trial. The Chinese criminal justice system is brutally archaic, especially when compared to justice system in Hong Kong created and modeled after English common law. Think of our system as being quite similar, too. They have been rioting, protesting, and striking in Hong Kong for nearly 90-days. It now seems Trump decided to help fan the flames in the pseudo-sovereign nation by helping the pro-democracy movement which likely results in an attempted uprising against the authoritarian, Chinese regime. This could create the ultimate photo – a trigger happy Chinese government shooting at a pro-Democracy Hong Kong protester similar to the watershed moment at Tienanmen Square with the tanker in the 1989 protests. Human rights violator proven. Game over

You’re not as smart as you think you are, or Trump isn’t as dumb as you’ve been led to believe. Either way you look at it, it’s OK. He’s helping us all.


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