They’re Doing It Again

You think that Democrats would learn from the sins of their past. But, apparently that would be too easy. There are two things they have forgotten.

The first is that they only lost by a few thousand votes in battle ground states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Most of these folks were once Democrat voters, but they supported Trump because they felt left behind. Well, take a look at the current platform of the left. Hard to imagine they feel welcomed back. These are Bill Clinton Era Democrats who vote predominately on economic issues. It seems unlikely they will turn to a Democrat in 2020. Not only because the platform has further alienated these voters, but Trump’s biggest accomplishment is the economy.

The second thing the Democrats are messing up is their treatment of Bernie Sanders. A lot is to be made from why Hillary couldn’t beat Trump in 2016. One case that holds weight is the alienated Sanders supporters who stayed home, or showed up to vote for Trump. There are countless pieces that dug up evidence of this. Why did they?

Let’s take a trip down memory lane for those who have forgotten. The system was rigged for Hillary. The super delegates in the 2016 primary stacked the deck against Bernie from the get go. There really was no way he was going to win, even if he got enough votes. The super delegates were mosty in bed with Hillary and had her backing regardless of the votes. This put Bernie supporters up against the wall. The second example was the infamous CNN debate in which Donna Brazile, under pressure from the Hillary camp, relayed debate questions ahead of time to Hillary in an effort to enhance her performance. Finally, head of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz was actively working against the Sanders camp behind the scenes to ensure a smooth primary run for heir apparent Madam Hillary.

You’d think the DNC would have learned their lesson from this mistreatment. Well, they did to an extent. They cleaned house at the top, and removed the super delegates. Good start. Problem, take a look at how CNN handled last week’s debate with regard to the feud they created with Warren and Sanders. This was atrocious, and they showed their hand. They don’t want Bernie, again. Shocker.

To add insult to injury, MSNBC’s Joy Reid came out with a jaw dropping segment describing Sanders’ body language at the debate and recklessly called him a liar. Sounds fair? Well, dig up some history on the woman Joy had on. She is a huge Biden supporter, and donor.

Finally, leave it to the New York Times and their faux-endorsement of moderate Klobuchar and far lefty Elizabeth Warren. No mention of Bernie or how Warren is blatantly ripping off his platform while parading around as if it’s hers.

One week, three instances, three different media outlets. Two weeks out from the first votes being cast in Iowa. And, guess who is the current front runner? Bernie. Guess who is the front runner in the next primary in New Hampshire? Bernie. Finally, guess who gained ten points in a recent California poll and took the lead for the first time? Bernie.

Interesting timing for the media to pile on all the sudden, but should we be surprised? They fear Bernie. Why? Look at their Trump treatment. They fear anyone who isn’t status quo. They fear anyone who doesn’t skate to their narrative and play by their rules. Disruption isn’t welcomed in media or politics. Hence the tremendous backlash against Trump and Sanders.

This takes us back to the point of what happened in 2016. Sanders’ voters supporting Trump. Crazy, right? They have nothing in common ideologically. However, they share a fundamental core principle. Break up the establishment by any means necessary. The system is broken. Drain the swamp.

The Democrat primaries are officially about to begin. We are reaching the point where votes will be cast. We know that Obama has said he would only step in to change the nominee if Bernie gets the nod. Well, it seems like we’re destined for a summer of conflict within the party, because Bernie is going to amass a considerable amount of votes. He will likely become a top three candidate at worse. We knew there would eventually be a bitter divorce between Warren and Sanders voters. Sanders voters are the OG, or the first ones to stand up for what they support. They look at Warren as a copycat, and do not hold her or her supporters in high esteem. There will be a bitter fission between these two, and now it seems as if Bernie has the upper hand at least when it comes to actual voters. This will further his power when we approach this summer’s convention.

What will the party do? It seems everyone within the party, except for his supporters, will do anything to stop him from succeeding. Is that going to fly this time around? I don’t think so. There’s even more transparency, less obstacles in his way based on the process in front of him, and a level of support similar to, if not better than, what he had in 2016. He’s a force to be reckoned with. He will not go quietly into the night this time around.

If, and when, Democrats in the establishment prevent him from receiving the nod, expect absolute chaos within the party this time. His supporters will undoubtedly sabotage 2020 with support for Trump, or a refusal to show up and vote. Trump will certainly call attention to the mistreated Bernie, and extend an olive branch to his supporters that will be well received. Again, Trump and Sanders may not agree on the tools needed to change the system, but they both want the system changed.

Democrats have their answer in front of them. They have their candidate. They just refuse to give him the keys to the car. Bernie is the only one who could rally up support and excitement. He’s the only one who has meaningful energy that can combat the energy of Trump. He is the candidate the party should take to the finish line, but they won’t even let him participate in the entire race.


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