Democrat Update

Guess what? Democrats know how to count votes! New Hampshire went off without a hitch, and reminded Americans that we can run smooth elections. This is a win for all of us. Results came in slowly, but efficiently. You could tell the state was methodical in their count, and remained consistent. Election night was a success. A good omen for November. Let’s hope it continues.

Now it’s time to break down the results.

Bernie Sanders won, but it almost feels as if he lost. First, he doesn’t get to celebrate his botched victory in Iowa, because of human error, or sabotage. This depends on how much a conspiracy theorist you are. Now, turnout increases, and Bernie wins with 70,000 less votes than he had against Hillary in’ 2016. Also, most media outlets ran with anti-Bernie articles on Wednesday following the vote, or stories covering the other candidates. The fix is (still) in.

Joe Biden is (most likely) toast. It’s hard to write off the former US VP, but it doesn’t seem likely that Nevada and South Carolina can save him. Nevada is next, and he has a chance to finish second. Quick rises from Mayor Pete and Klobuchar make a third place finish the more likely scenario. South Carolina is where he expects to have a watershed moment and win by a large margin. In an ideal outcome, he needs this, as it will give him huge momentum into Super Tuesday only three days following South Carolina. The only good news for Biden is that Bloomberg isn’t on the SC ballot, so his competition remains light.

Here comes Amy Klobuchar. The only true moderate in the group of Democrats. She is their candidate. She has the midwestern appeal, which gives her the best chance to take back the states Trump took from Dems back in 2016. New Hampshire handed her a decisive third place victory, and reinvigorated a campaign that was likely folding had the result not happened. Let’s see if Nevada can continue her momentum. She is doing a big ad buy, but she doesn’t have much of an appeal with the electorate in the Silver State. Combine that with a serious lack of name recognition, and she is basically running on a prayer. She’ll need another incredible debate performance, along with favorable media coverage in the coming days to grind out another top three shocker.

Mayor Pete is proving two things. First, the American electorate still favors presidential candidates, and second, the American electorate still gets played by scripted, polished, walking teleprompters. Gullibility is alive and well. How so?

First, the media is making him out to be a moderate choice, which couldn’t be further from the truth. He supports late-term abortions, decriminalization of all drugs, the raising of taxes, and is OK with illegal immigration, including giving government paid healthcare to illegals. The only thing separating him from Sanders is he is possibly opposed to his wealth tax.

Second, he’s being christened as a saint because of his time in Afghanistan. This is a stretch. His own words suggest that he had a cakewalk overseas. He also entered the military through the reserves, so he spent no time in the academy, ROTC, or any other conventional method nearly all members of the military endure. Finally, he’s never been in combat, but parades around as if he’s the second coming of General Eisenhower. Enough of the hypocrisy. Americans really need to actually research this amoeba before they fall prey to his fabrications.

Finally, Michael Bloomberg has two serious problems that seem impossible to overcome. First, nearly 50% of the voters in Iowa and New Hampshire have supported candidates like Sanders and Warren who vilify billionaires. Hard to imagine these voters coalescing behind a billionaire who has entirely bought his way into the election. Second, stop and frisk, and the damning audio released the day of the New Hampshire primary is jaw-dropping bad. It is nearly unfathomable to imagine any minority giving him a chance once they listen to his own words of encouraging the police to “throw minority kids against the wall.” His unconstitutional stop and frisk legislation in NYC will be a nonstarter for persons of color.

In short, we do need to take Bloomberg seriously because he finally takes a debate stage in a few days. He has also deployed hundreds of millions of dollars and countless, very well organized resources across all of the Super Tuesday states. He could surprise everyone by the Wednesday morning following that key night.

Biden has one last stand, and then his star likely burns out.

It’s hard to imagine why Warren would even waste time and money hoping her campaign gets new energy in Nevada.

You have to imagine this race will end up with a a bitter Joe Biden, a relentless Bloomberg determined to buy his nomination, a chameleon Mayor Pete delivering gullible Americans TED Talks as campaign speeches, a steadfast socialist, and a likable midwestern woman from Minnesota on the day we wake up after Super Tuesday.

In short, Bernie isn’t going away, and Pete and Amy will continue to rise. Warren, Biden, and finally Bloomberg will be forced out. This leaves the party to reconcile with the wacky communist, Bernie Sanders, a moderate Midwesterner in that of Klobuchar, and white Obama with Pete the prognosticator.

Sounds like the way jokes would start back in the day…

So a commie, a blue collar worker, and an evangelist walk into a bar…


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